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LBJ School and Student Groups to Host Documentary Screening and Discussion on Anti-Immigrant Violence Event
CHASP and CPG to Co-Host Preview of Hot Topics for New Texas Legislature Event
Soto, Victoria Maria De Francesco Faculty
Stidvent, Veronica Vargas Faculty
Givens, Terri Faculty
LBJ in the News
State of Texas: In-Depth – Border Splurge LBJ in the News
Immigrants fearful following election LBJ in the News
Clinton: Undocumented workers pay more than Trump in federal income taxes LBJ in the News
Trump's 'extreme vetting' of immigrants could revive ideology screening LBJ in the News
Civil Rights and Immigration Reform: Do they Belong Together? LBJ in the News
How Might Immigration Reform Affect Implementation of the Affordable Care Act? LBJ in the News
Opinion: Rubio’s coy immigration play LBJ in the News
In immigration debate, separating concept of legal vs. illegal LBJ in the News
Opinion: The union debate in Michigan affects Latinos too LBJ in the News
Opinion: STEM Immigration Act – One step forward or two back? LBJ in the News
Opinion: Can Latinos trust Obama again? LBJ in the News
Opinion: The RNC’s immigrant tease LBJ in the News
Opinion: Why are deferred action DREAMers denied health coverage? LBJ in the News
Beyond Immigration by Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, CPG Fellow LBJ in the News
Student Researchers Release 2013 Legislative Preview Covering Major Topics of the 83rd Texas State Legislature News
LBJ School Faculty Explore Policy Implications of Landmark Supreme Court Rulings News
SB 1070 Decision – A Spur for Comprehensive Reform News
LBJ School of Public Affairs and William Wayne Justice Center Collaborate on a ‘Contract for Deed’ Study in Texas Colonias News
Jacqui Angel Receives $680,000 Grant from National Institute of Health to Research Long-Term Care in Older Mexican-American Families News
LBJ School Experts Offer Analysis of 82nd Texas State Legislature News
The 82nd Legislature: Preview of Hot Topics Videos
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