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Globalization and International Affairs

LBJ School Co-Hosts Talk on "Applying GIS to Urban Issues in Kolkata" Event
Patel, Rajeev Faculty
Lentz, Erin Faculty
Suri, Jeremi Faculty
Weaver, Catherine Faculty
Gavin, Francis J. Faculty
LBJ in the News
Could public service be the salve that heals our nation's wounds? LBJ in the News
Pearl Harbor reminds us the world is a better place when the U.S. leads LBJ in the News
Eugene Gholz: How should we handle Russia? LBJ in the News
How Xi Jinping Undermines China’s Reforms LBJ in the News
Is the World Really Getting More Dangerous for America? LBJ in the News
What the Realities in China Mean for U.S. Policy LBJ in the News
Fading hope: why the youth of the Arab Spring are still unemployed LBJ in the News
The Man Stopping Vladimir Putin From Taking Over the Internet (Daniel Sepulveda, MPAff 1997) LBJ in the News
A Certain Breed of Fascism: Jeremi Suri on Putin LBJ in the News
UT Professor Jeremi Suri: 'The Best Way to Think of Putin is Mussolini' LBJ in the News
Taking the training wheels off U.S.-European alliance LBJ in the News
It’s time for the U.S. to revitalize NATO LBJ in the News
Operation Diplomacy LBJ in the News
The 12-Step Plan LBJ in the News
Offensive Charm: Why Vladimir Putin Tried -- and Failed -- to Woo the U.S. Public LBJ in the News
Syria crisis likely a precursor to regional upheaval LBJ in the News
Strauss Center’s Security Research Wins Special Achievement Award for Exceptional Application of Geospatial Technology LBJ in the News
Did NATO Intervention Make Libya's War Bloodier? LBJ in the News
The Link Between Rainforests and Texas, by Niyanta Spelman (MPAff '94) LBJ in the News
Obama Overseas: Speak Loudly And Carry A Smaller Stick LBJ in the News
Ethiopia: Govt Increasingly Intolerant of Islam Risks Radicalizing Muslims by Alemayehu Fentaw LBJ in the News
Thinking competitively about China LBJ in the News
3 Ongoing Conflicts You May Not Be Paying Attention To (But Should) LBJ in the News
World Disorder LBJ in the News
The Situation in Syria LBJ in the News
From Texas To DC: 3 Questions With Scoville Fellow Sarah Williams (MGPS '10) LBJ in the News
American Foreign Policy is Already Post-Partisan LBJ in the News
Prof. Jeremi Suri Discusses His New Book "Liberty's Surest Guardian: American Nation-Building from the Founders to Obama" - VIDEO LBJ in the News
Could and Should U.S. End Combat Role in Afghanistan Early? feat. Celeste Ward Gventer LBJ in the News
War-Torn Afghanistan Suffers Worst Sectarian Violence in Years - Featuring Celeste Ward Gventer LBJ in the News
U.S. Easing Out of Nation-Building Business LBJ in the News
Christian Glakas (MGPS '10): Humanities and the Military LBJ in the News
The big question in global affairs by Alan Kuperman LBJ in the News
What works when building nations? LBJ in the News
How to leave a strong Afghanistan by Jeremi Suri LBJ in the News
Is There a Map to the Future? The former head of the U.S. National Intelligence Council explains why governments try -- and fail -- to see over the horizon. LBJ in the News
LBJ School Dean Robert Hutchings addresses problem of human trafficking on Comcast Newsmakers LBJ in the News
Research Professor from the LBJ School selected for the James Beard Foundation’s Sixth Annual Leadership Awards News
UT Researchers Receive $25 Million Grant from USAID to Increase Global Aid Transparency News
Global Governance and the Paradox of US Decline News
Looking Backward, Planning Forward News
America in Decline: Through the Looking Glass News
Discretionary Decline News
Re-Thinking World Power, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley News
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