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LBJ School to Host U.S. Department of State Public Forum on the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, Sept. 28 Event
Student-Led Inaugural Energy Forum to Address Pressing Global Energy Challenges Event
Olmstead, Sheila Faculty
Rai, Varun Faculty
Eaton, David J. Faculty
Busby, Joshua W. Faculty
LBJ in the News
Plunging oil prices have ripple effect on state’s economy LBJ in the News
Making the most of Texas SWIFT water rescue LBJ in the News
Whether or not global warming leads to more war, it hurts vulnerable people LBJ in the News
UT expert speaks about oil spill impact LBJ in the News
Trusted solar-panel information cuts decision times LBJ in the News
LBJ Foundation Announces Nominations Are Being Accepted For The 2013 Lady Bird Johnson Environmental Award LBJ in the News
Mother Nature (Susan Rieff, MPAff '80) LBJ in the News
Austin group tries to save rain forests by Niyanta Spelman (MPAff '94) LBJ in the News
Laura Huffman, MPAff '91: The Water's Keeper LBJ in the News
An Atmosphere of Concern: My Summer at the Climate Change Group - Ari Phillips, LBJ School MGPS/Journalism Dual Degree Student LBJ in the News
A Region With Big Climate Vulnerability and Bigger Distractions LBJ in the News
You break it, you fix it: Billions of dollars in fines should go to cleaning Gulf, not federal Treasury, by Laura Huffman (MPAff '91) LBJ in the News
Q&A: LBJ Students Map Africa's Vulnerability to Climate Change and Study South African Governance Challenges in Cape Town LBJ in the News
Think Tank: UN is losing climate monopoly, and that’s a good thing LBJ in the News
Negotiations: A call for alternative international climate forums LBJ in the News
After Copenhagen: Climate Governance and the Road Ahead LBJ in the News
Innovative Climate Change Research Program Offers Students Opportunity for Fieldwork in Africa News
Mapping Tool Analyzes How Climate Change, Conflict, and Aid Intersect in Africa News
Alumnae Participate in UN Climate Change Negotiations in Durban, South Africa News
LBJ School Experts Offer Analysis of 82nd Texas State Legislature News
“Oil in Troubled Waters” Public Forum Examines the Cause, Consequences and Cost of Spill in the Gulf News
Dr. Raymond Orbach, Director of the Energy Insititute, Introduces the Forum Videos
"Oil in Troubled Waters" Panel Q&A Videos
The Consequences: "The Deepwater Horizon Spill: Where Do We Go From Here?" Videos
The Cost: "The Message From the Markets" Videos
The Causes: "What Happened on the Rig?" Videos
The Consequences: "Oil Spill Effects on a Fragile Coast: The Land Loss Factor in Louisiana" Videos
The Cost: "The Legal Liability Issues" Videos
“Oil in Troubled Waters” Public Forum to Examine the Cause, Consequences and Cost of Spill in the Gulf - Full Video Videos
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