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Climate change

Olmstead, Sheila Faculty
Rai, Varun Faculty
Eaton, David J. Faculty
Busby, Joshua W. Faculty
LBJ in the News
Persuading Americans to act on climate change LBJ in the News
Fit City Success: Study links obesity with heat, humidity LBJ in the News
Local climate affects Americans' obesity risk LBJ in the News
Bad Weather May Dampen Will to Exercise LBJ in the News
TOO HOT TO TROT: Study finds higher obesity in hottest counties LBJ in the News
Study Ties Obesity to Temperature and Humidity LBJ in the News
Summer heat linked to obesity LBJ in the News
Study: Obesity rates high in hotter regions LBJ in the News
UT study finds obesity rates are higher in hotter parts of the U.S. LBJ in the News
UT Study Shows Link Between Climate and Obesity LBJ in the News
Can the Weather Make You Fat? LBJ in the News
Study: Hottest and Coldest US Places Also the Fattest LBJ in the News
Too hot to exercise? New research links obesity to temperature and humidity LBJ in the News
UT Study Blames Obesity on Hot Temps LBJ in the News
Failing at exercise? Just blame Texas weather LBJ in the News
Whether or not global warming leads to more war, it hurts vulnerable people LBJ in the News
Austinites should fight for efficient energy LBJ in the News
Adapt or Fry: UT Climate Adaptation Symposium LBJ in the News
Strauss Center’s Security Research Wins Special Achievement Award for Exceptional Application of Geospatial Technology LBJ in the News
The Link Between Rainforests and Texas, by Niyanta Spelman (MPAff '94) LBJ in the News
Conference on Climate, Conflict, and Constitutions - Overview and Conference Videos LBJ in the News
The next steps on climate change LBJ in the News
A Region With Big Climate Vulnerability and Bigger Distractions LBJ in the News
Q&A: LBJ Students Map Africa's Vulnerability to Climate Change and Study South African Governance Challenges in Cape Town LBJ in the News
Think Tank: UN is losing climate monopoly, and that’s a good thing LBJ in the News
Negotiations: A call for alternative international climate forums LBJ in the News
After Copenhagen: Climate Governance and the Road Ahead LBJ in the News
Innovative Climate Change Research Program Offers Students Opportunity for Fieldwork in Africa News
Mapping Tool Analyzes How Climate Change, Conflict, and Aid Intersect in Africa News
Alumnae Participate in UN Climate Change Negotiations in Durban, South Africa News
LBJ School Experts Offer Analysis of 82nd Texas State Legislature News
LBJ Faculty, Students, and Staff Inform Climate Change Discussions in Advance of Cancun Negotiations News
LBJ Assistant Professor Josh Busby's New Book 'Moral Movements and Foreign Policy' Heralded as 'Groundbreaking' News
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