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Urban Policy and Housing

Woodrow Wilson Center to Host 'Metropolitan Governance' Book Launch Featuring LBJ Faculty Authors Event
LBJ Publications
Assessing the Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Program of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin LBJ Publications
Urban Resilience to Climate Change Challenges in Africa LBJ Publications
"Colonia Housing Conditions in Model Subdivisions: A Déjà Vu for Policy Makers" LBJ Publications
"Lot Vacancy and Property Abandonment: Colonias and Informal Subdivisions in Texas" LBJ Publications
"Intensive Case Study Methodology for the Analysis of Self-Help Housing Consolidation, Household Organization and Family Mobility" LBJ Publications
"Renovación Habitacional en Colonias Populares de los Primeros Suburbios Innerburbs en México" LBJ Publications
"A Spectrum of Policies for Housing Rehab and Community Regeneration in the "Innerburbs" LBJ Publications
"Latin America's 'Innerburbs': Towards a New Generation of Housing Policies for Low-Income Consolidated Self-Help Settlements" LBJ Publications
"Unique, or Just Different? Self-Help, Social Housing and Rehab in Santiago, Chile" LBJ Publications
"The Challenge for Housing Rehab in Mexico City and Monterrey" LBJ Publications
"Rehab, 'Los Aires', and Densification of Consolidated Settlements in Lima, Peru" LBJ Publications
"Protecting Homeowners in Low-Income Communities: Evaluating the Success of Texas Legislative Reforms in the Informal Homeownership Market" LBJ Publications
"Urban Regeneration and Housing Rehabilitation in Latin America's Innerburbs" LBJ Publications
"Texas Self-Help Informal Settlement & Colonia Housing Conditions, Aging, and Health Status." LBJ Publications
"Solar community organizations and active peer effects in the adoption of residential PV" LBJ Publications
"Business model innovations for deploying distributed generation: The emerging landscape of community solar in the U.S." LBJ Publications
"Housing rehab for consolidated settlements: A new policy agenda for 2016 UN-Habitat III" LBJ Publications
Municipal annexation and the selective underbounding of colonias in Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley LBJ Publications
Second-Generation Policy Priorities for Colonias and Informal Settlements in Texas LBJ Publications
The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project: A Final Report to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) LBJ Publications
The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project in Texas Colonias and Low Income Subdivisions LBJ Publications
"Self-help housing ideas and practice in urban Latin America.” In Housing Policies: Lessons from Latin America LBJ Publications
"Measuring Self-Help Home Improvements in Texas Colonias: A Ten Year Snapshot” LBJ Publications
"The Reproduction of Informality in Low-Income Self-Help Housing Communities" LBJ Publications
Housing Policy in Latin American Cities: A New Generation of Strategies and Approaches for 2016 UN-Habitat III LBJ Publications
Hacia una nueva generación de política habitacional en colonias populares consolidadas en México LBJ Publications
Inheritance and Succession among Second and Third Generation Squatter Households in Mexico City LBJ Publications
"The rise of renters and renting in Texas colonias" LBJ Publications
Landlords and Tenants in Informal 'Colonia' Settlements in Texas LBJ Publications
Strategically placing green infrastructure: benefits and costs of land conservation in the floodplain LBJ Publications
Metropolitan Governance in the Federalist Americas LBJ Publications
"Metropolitan Governance in the United States: Is Fragmenatin an Effective Strategy" LBJ Publications
"Governanca Metropolitan nas Americas" LBJ Publications
"Changing Patterns of Residential Segregation in Austin" LBJ Publications
"Put Cities' Health on To-Do List" LBJ Publications
"A Interação da Forma Urbana e a Política Pública: O Caso da Educação Pública" LBJ Publications
"Self-Help Housing: Ideas and Practice in the Americas" LBJ Publications
Community Change in East Austin LBJ Publications
“Governnança Metropolitana nos Estados Unidos: Buscando Uma Soluçāo” LBJ Publications
" 'A Patrimony for the Children': Low-Income Homeownership and Housing (Im)Mobility in Latin American Cities" LBJ Publications
"Sustainable housing applications and policies for low-income self-build and housing rehab" LBJ Publications
"Repensando el Espacio Geopolítico Metropolitano en México: ¿Cómo Lograr un Verdadero Gobierno y una Gobernabilidad Para Todos?" LBJ Publications
"El Título en la Mano: The Impact of Titling Programs on Low-Income Housing in Texas Colonias" LBJ Publications
"Self-help Housing Policies for Second Generation Inheritance and Succession of 'The House that Mum & Dad Built' " LBJ Publications
"Governanca metropolitan nas Américas" LBJ Publications
Housing Conditions, Sustainability and Self Help in Rancho Vista and Redwood Informal Homestead Subdivisions in Central Texas LBJ Publications
"Sustainable Housing Design and Technology Adoption in Colonias, Informal Homestead Subdivisions, and the 'Innerburbs' " LBJ Publications
"Hacia una segunda etapa de la regularizacion de los titulos de propiedad en Mexico. (O visto de otra manera) Ay Mama, Por que moriste sin dejar un testamento?" LBJ Publications
"Repensando El Espacio Geopolitico Metropolitano En Mexico: Como Lograr Un Verdadero Gobierno y Gobernabilidad Para Todos?" LBJ Publications
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