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Security Studies

LBJ in the News
From Now On, Let’s Hold Intelligence Briefings After the Election LBJ in the News
The national security crisis neither candidate is talking about, but should be LBJ in the News
America's Russia Dilemma: A Big Problem or Potential Partner? LBJ in the News
'Treason'? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments LBJ in the News
U.S. must streamline intelligence processes LBJ in the News
Intelligence Planks for a Sturdy National Security Platform LBJ in the News
Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now. LBJ in the News
National Security a Focus for Upcoming LBJ School Events News
Student Researchers Report U.S. Intelligence and Security Study Findings News
NPPP Report: Are U.S. Nuclear Reactors Adequately Protected From Terrorists? News
LBJ Publications
Africa’s Domestic Institutions of Integration and Accommodation: A New Database LBJ Publications
Emerging Technologies’ Potential to Change the Balance of Power in Asia LBJ Publications
Maintaining U.S. Energy Security LBJ Publications
U.S. Spending on its Military Commitments to the Persian Gulf LBJ Publications
Energy, Coercive Diplomacy, and Sanctions LBJ Publications
Political Choices Shape Industry, Not Mergers LBJ Publications
US Defense Politics: The Origins of Security Policy, 2nd edition LBJ Publications
Rare Earth Elements and National Security LBJ Publications
"Phasing Out Highly Enriched Uranium Fuel in Naval Propulsion: Why It’s Necessary, and How to Achieve It" LBJ Publications
"Can the IAEA Safeguard Fuel-Cycle Facilities? The Historical Record" LBJ Publications
"Iran Nuclear Deal Unlikely to Halt Regional Proliferation" LBJ Publications
"Obama’s Libya Debacle: How a Well-Meaning Intervention Ended in Failure" LBJ Publications
"Climate Change and Insecurity: Mapping Vulnerability in Africa" LBJ Publications
“One Effect to Rule Them All? A Comment on Climate and Conflict.” LBJ Publications
“Climate Security Vulnerability in Africa Mapping 3.0” LBJ Publications
“The Political Geography of Climate Vulnerability, Conflict and Aid in Africa” LBJ Publications
Feeding unrest: Disentangling the causal relationship between food price shocks and sociopolitical conflict in urban Africa LBJ Publications
Assessing the ‘Threat’ of International Tension to the U.S. Economy LBJ Publications
"Climate Security and East Africa: A GIS-Based Analysis of Vulnerability" LBJ Publications
Enduring Resilience: How Oil Markets Handle Disruptions LBJ Publications
Nuclear Terrorism and Global Security: The Challenge of Phasing out Highly Enriched Uranium LBJ Publications
"How to Leave a Strong Afghanistan" LBJ Publications
"The Road Ahead in Libya" LBJ Publications
"Digging in Deep: Carbon Capture and Storage Technology in China is Driven by Energy Security Concerns" LBJ Publications
Past Intelligence: How Decision-Makers Use History in National Security Policy LBJ Publications
"Religious Freedom and National Security" LBJ Publications
"More White House-military tensions" LBJ Publications
"A Strategic Planning Cell on National Security at the White House" LBJ Publications
"Protecting 'The Prize': Oil and the U.S. National Interest" LBJ Publications
"All the Oil We Need" LBJ Publications
"The Anathema of American Adventurism" LBJ Publications
"Globalization, Systems Integration, and the Future of Great Power War" LBJ Publications
"Energy Alarmism: The Myths that Make Americans Worry about Oil" LBJ Publications
"Time to Offshore Our Troops" LBJ Publications
"Eisenhower versus the Spin-off Story: Did the Rise of the Military-Industrial Complex Hurt or Help America LBJ Publications
"The RMA and the Defense Industry" LBJ Publications
"Restraining Order: For Strategic Modesty" LBJ Publications
"The Strait Dope" LBJ Publications
"The Nixon Doctrine in the 21st Century" LBJ Publications
"Footprints in the Sand" LBJ Publications
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