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Natural Resources and Conservation

LBJ in the News
What Will It Take to Turn Natural Gas Around in India? LBJ in the News
LBJ Student Martha Böhrt Receives Humanity in Action’s Diplomacy & Diversity Fellowship News
U.S. Department of Energy to Fund LBJ School Research on Growth of Residential Solar in Texas News
LBJ Publications
Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands: Euphrates-Tigris and Rio Grande/Bravo LBJ Publications
"The Story of Rare Earths: Even a Perfect Storm of Dependence is Hard to Exploit" LBJ Publications
"The Johnson Administration's Water Quality Policies: A Fifity-Year Perspective" LBJ Publications
"Who regulates it? Water policy and hydraulic fracturing in Texas" LBJ Publications
Wastewater and Shale Formation Development: Risks, Mitigation and Regulation LBJ Publications
"Water quality and quantity impacts of hydraulic fracturing" LBJ Publications
"Characterization and analysis of liquid waste from Marcellus Shale gas development" LBJ Publications
"Damming the commons: an empirical analysis of international cooperation and conflict in dam location" LBJ Publications
Risks and risk governance in unconventional shale gas development LBJ Publications
Applying market principles to environmental policy LBJ Publications
In harm LBJ Publications
Water demand under alternative price structures LBJ Publications
Reduced-form vs. structural models of water demand under non-linear prices LBJ Publications
Comparing price and non-price approaches to water conservation LBJ Publications
The economic valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities: methods and applications LBJ Publications
The economics of water quality LBJ Publications
The economics of managing scarce water resources LBJ Publications
The value of scarce water: measuring the inefficiency of municipal regulations LBJ Publications
Strategically placing green infrastructure: benefits and costs of land conservation in the floodplain LBJ Publications
"System Energy Assessment (SEA), Defining a Standard Measure of EROI for Energy Businesses as Whole Systems" LBJ Publications
Verifying Conservation Estimates for On-Farm Agriculture Water Conservation Programs LBJ Publications
"Aquifer Yield Continuum as a Guide of Typology for Science-based Groundwater Management" LBJ Publications
The Consequences of Water Consumption Restrictions During the Corpus Christi Drought 1996 LBJ Publications
What Do Groundwater Users Want? Desired Future Groundwater Conditions for the Texas Hill Country LBJ Publications
The Future of the South Saskatchewan River Basin: Stakeholder Perspectives LBJ Publications
George P. Mitchell and the Idea of Sustainability LBJ Publications
Markets and the Environment: An Introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics LBJ Publications
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