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Infrastructure Systems and Policy

Heinrich, Carolyn Faculty
LBJ Publications
"Expert elicitation methods for studying technological change under uncertainty" LBJ Publications
"Solar valuation and the modern utility's expansion into distributed generation" LBJ Publications
"Technology development and learning: Coal gasification in China and the United States" LBJ Publications
"Business model innovations for deploying distributed generation: The emerging landscape of community solar in the U.S." LBJ Publications
Second-Generation Policy Priorities for Colonias and Informal Settlements in Texas LBJ Publications
"Sourcing Locally for Impact" LBJ Publications
"Water-Sharing Between India and Pakistan: A Critical Evaluation of The Indus Water Treaty" LBJ Publications
"Political Economy of Grant Allocations: The Case of Federal Highway Demonstration Grants" LBJ Publications
The Fuel Tax and Alternatives for Transportation Funding LBJ Publications
Comprehensive Transboundary Water Quality Management Agreement: With Guidelines for Development of a Management Plan Standards and Criteria LBJ Publications
"Water Quality Improvements From Mexico-Texas Investments" LBJ Publications
"How Investment in Waterwater Infrastructure Has Improved Water Quality Along the US-Mexico Border" LBJ Publications
"Water Sharing Between India and Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of the Indus Water Treaty" LBJ Publications
"Infrastructure Investment and Water Quality Along the Mexico-Texas Border" LBJ Publications
The Panama Canal Expansion: Its Role in U.S.-Asian-South American Trade and Its Potential Impact on Texas Transportation Infrastructure LBJ Publications
U.S. and Texas International Trade and Transportation LBJ Publications
International Air Cargo Operations and Gateways: Their Emerging Importance to the State of Texas LBJ Publications
Impacts of Pending Federal Greenhouse Gas Legislation on the Texas Transportation Sector LBJ Publications
The U.S.-Brazil-China Trade and Transportation Triangle: Implications for the Southwest Region LBJ Publications
Evaluation of Mexican Transportation Infrastructure Projects LBJ Publications
A Scoping Study of the Impacts of Bioenergy and Alternative Fuels on the Southwest Region LBJ Publications
"Innovation U.S. Freight Transportation Strategies" LBJ Publications
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