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Foreign Affairs

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What Donald Trump's Phone Call with Taiwan Means for the U.S. LBJ in the News
Fidel Knew the 'Cuban Model' Couldn't Last Forever LBJ in the News
Get To Know A Cuba Without Castro: Recommended Books, Movies And Music LBJ in the News
Discussing Cuba: Journalist Predicts Trump Golf Course at the Bay of Pigs LBJ in the News
Castro, in Death, Casts Long Shadow Over Cuba LBJ in the News
A New Era for Cuba LBJ in the News
Fidel Castro dead at 90: The revolutionary icon's influence was felt far beyond Cuba LBJ in the News
What Trudeau's Castro comments reveal LBJ in the News
A Look at Fidel Castro's Role in History LBJ in the News
Death of a Dictator LBJ in the News
Fidel Castro's Role In Restoring Diplomatic Relations, If Any, Is Up For Debate LBJ in the News
Fidel Castro Dies LBJ in the News
No Bigger Question: How Should the U.S. Handle the Rise of China? LBJ in the News
Experts debate U.S. military’s role in foreign affairs LBJ in the News
UT professor breaks down significance of military coup in Turkey LBJ in the News
UT Researchers Receive $25 Million Grant from USAID to Increase Global Aid Transparency News
LBJ Publications
Emerging Technologies’ Potential to Change the Balance of Power in Asia LBJ Publications
Energy, Coercive Diplomacy, and Sanctions LBJ Publications
“A Green Giant? Inconsistency and American Environmental Diplomacy” LBJ Publications
Foreign Policy Breakthroughs: Cases in Successful Diplomacy LBJ Publications
Rare Earth Elements and National Security LBJ Publications
“United On Goals, Divided by Means: Opinion Leaders Chicago Council Survey Results 2014” LBJ Publications
“Measuring Up: How Elites and the Public See U.S. Foreign Policy” LBJ Publications
“How The United States Can Reinforce Chinese Action on Climate Change” LBJ Publications
Assessing the ‘Threat’ of International Tension to the U.S. Economy LBJ Publications
"Between the Covers: International Relations in Books" LBJ Publications
"Obama's Second Term Search for Policy Leverage" LBJ Publications
"The 21st Century Individual in World Affairs" LBJ Publications
"The United States and the Cold War: Four Ideas that Shaped the Late Twentieth Century" LBJ Publications
"The Myths and Realities of Anti-Americanism" LBJ Publications
"Bomb North Korea, Before It's Too Late" LBJ Publications
Rev. of Moynihan's Moment: America's Fight Against Zionism as Racism, by Gil Troy LBJ Publications
Introduction to Roundable Reviews of A Cold War Turning Point: Nixon and China, 1969-1972, by Chris Tudda LBJ Publications
"Congress is Already Post-Partisan" LBJ Publications
"NATO's Intervention in Libya: A Humanitarian Success?" LBJ Publications
"A Model Humanitarian Intervention? Reassessing NATO's Libya Campaign" LBJ Publications
"People's Movements in India" LBJ Publications
"America's Self-Defeating Cycle in Afghanistan" LBJ Publications
"Obama's Strategic Retreat in Afghanistan" LBJ Publications
"Postwar Politics and the Origins of the Cold War" LBJ Publications
"The Wisconsin School of Diplomatic History" LBJ Publications
"The Lingering Cold War" LBJ Publications
"Our Next Step in the Middle East" LBJ Publications
"Is America Really an Empire?" LBJ Publications
"Diplomatic Dead End? Hemy Kissinger and the 'Arab Spring' " LBJ Publications
"America the Overcommitted" LBJ Publications
"How to Leave a Strong Afghanistan" LBJ Publications
"The Road Ahead in Libya" LBJ Publications
Rev. of How Wars End: A History of American Intervention World War I to Afghanistan, by Gideon Rose LBJ Publications
"A Comprehensive Database of Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan" LBJ Publications
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