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Environmental Policy

Olmstead, Sheila Faculty
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Trusted solar-panel information cuts decision times LBJ in the News
LBJ Publications
Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands: Euphrates-Tigris and Rio Grande/Bravo LBJ Publications
Markets and the Environment, Second Edition LBJ Publications
"The Johnson Administration's Water Quality Policies: A Fifity-Year Perspective" LBJ Publications
“A Green Giant? Inconsistency and American Environmental Diplomacy” LBJ Publications
"Who regulates it? Water policy and hydraulic fracturing in Texas" LBJ Publications
"Diffusion of environmentally-friendly energy technologies: Buy vs. lease differences in residential PV markets" LBJ Publications
"Effective information channels for reducing costs of environmentally-friendly technologies: Evidence from residential PV markets" LBJ Publications
"International low carbon technology transfer: Do intellectual property regimes matter?" LBJ Publications
"Solar community organizations and active peer effects in the adoption of residential PV" LBJ Publications
"Technology development and learning: Coal gasification in China and the United States" LBJ Publications
"Agent-based modeling of energy technology adoption: Empirical integration of social, behavioral, economic, and environmental factors." LBJ Publications
"Determinants of spatio-temporal patterns of energy technology adoption: An agent-based modeling approach" LBJ Publications
"Public perceptions and information gaps in solar energy in Texas" LBJ Publications
Wastewater and Shale Formation Development: Risks, Mitigation and Regulation LBJ Publications
"The economics of shale gas development" LBJ Publications
"Managing the risks of shale gas development using innovative legal and regulatory approaches" LBJ Publications
"Water quality and quantity impacts of hydraulic fracturing" LBJ Publications
"Characterization and analysis of liquid waste from Marcellus Shale gas development" LBJ Publications
"Damming the commons: an empirical analysis of international cooperation and conflict in dam location" LBJ Publications
“The G-20 and Climate Change: Beyond Goal Setting at Brisbane" LBJ Publications
Climate change adaptation and water resource management: a review of the empirical literature LBJ Publications
Risks and risk governance in unconventional shale gas development LBJ Publications
The whole and the sum of its parts: comments on David Victor LBJ Publications
Applying market principles to environmental policy LBJ Publications
In harm LBJ Publications
The role of market incentives in environmental policy LBJ Publications
An international policy architecture for the post-Kyoto era LBJ Publications
A meaningful second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol LBJ Publications
Water demand under alternative price structures LBJ Publications
The impact of the LBJ Publications
Reduced-form vs. structural models of water demand under non-linear prices LBJ Publications
Comparing price and non-price approaches to water conservation LBJ Publications
Sampling out: regulatory avoidance and the Total Coliform Rule LBJ Publications
The economic valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities: methods and applications LBJ Publications
The economics of water quality LBJ Publications
The economics of managing scarce water resources LBJ Publications
Three key elements of a post-2012 international climate policy architecture LBJ Publications
Moving pollution trading from air to water: potential, problems, and prognosis LBJ Publications
Shale gas development impacts on surface water quality in Pennsylvania LBJ Publications
Strategically placing green infrastructure: benefits and costs of land conservation in the floodplain LBJ Publications
Rev. of Paths to a Green World, by Jennifer Clapp and Peter Dauvergne LBJ Publications
"The role of offsets in a post-Kyoto climate agreement: The power sector in China" LBJ Publications
"Aquifer Yield Continuum as a Guide of Typology for Science-based Groundwater Management" LBJ Publications
The Consequences of Water Consumption Restrictions During the Corpus Christi Drought 1996 LBJ Publications
Clean Energy Technology and Public Policy LBJ Publications
Used motor Oil Management in the Ciudad Juarez Area LBJ Publications
The Carbon Footprint of Global Transportation LBJ Publications
Sustainable Energy Options for Austin Energy LBJ Publications
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