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Energy and Environmental Economics

Olmstead, Sheila Faculty
LBJ in the News
The Solar Challenge In Texas: Lessons Learned From Arizona, California LBJ in the News
Trusted solar-panel information cuts decision times LBJ in the News
Students from LBJ, Cockrell and McCombs Schools Team Up to Win Energy Challenge News
U.S. Department of Energy to Fund LBJ School Research on Growth of Residential Solar in Texas News
LBJ Publications
Markets and the Environment, Second Edition LBJ Publications
"Ex post payoffs of a tolling agreement for natural gas-fired generation in Texas" LBJ Publications
Rare Earth Elements and National Security LBJ Publications
"Diffusion of environmentally-friendly energy technologies: Buy vs. lease differences in residential PV markets" LBJ Publications
"Agent-based modeling of energy technology adoption: Empirical integration of social, behavioral, economic, and environmental factors." LBJ Publications
"Determinants of spatio-temporal patterns of energy technology adoption: An agent-based modeling approach" LBJ Publications
"The economics of shale gas development" LBJ Publications
"Managing the risks of shale gas development using innovative legal and regulatory approaches" LBJ Publications
"Damming the commons: an empirical analysis of international cooperation and conflict in dam location" LBJ Publications
Consumer support for a public utilities commission in Hong Kong LBJ Publications
Climate change adaptation and water resource management: a review of the empirical literature LBJ Publications
"Electricity-market price and nuclear power plant shutdown: Evidence from California" LBJ Publications
"Did the introduction of a nodal market structure impact wholesale electricity prices in the Texas (ERCOT) market?" LBJ Publications
Enduring Resilience: How Oil Markets Handle Disruptions LBJ Publications
The whole and the sum of its parts: comments on David Victor LBJ Publications
Applying market principles to environmental policy LBJ Publications
In harm LBJ Publications
The role of market incentives in environmental policy LBJ Publications
An international policy architecture for the post-Kyoto era LBJ Publications
A meaningful second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol LBJ Publications
Water demand under alternative price structures LBJ Publications
The impact of the LBJ Publications
Reduced-form vs. structural models of water demand under non-linear prices LBJ Publications
Comparing price and non-price approaches to water conservation LBJ Publications
Sampling out: regulatory avoidance and the Total Coliform Rule LBJ Publications
The economic valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities: methods and applications LBJ Publications
The economics of water quality LBJ Publications
The economics of managing scarce water resources LBJ Publications
The value of household water service quality in Lahore, Pakistan LBJ Publications
Three key elements of a post-2012 international climate policy architecture LBJ Publications
The value of scarce water: measuring the inefficiency of municipal regulations LBJ Publications
Moving pollution trading from air to water: potential, problems, and prognosis LBJ Publications
Shale gas development impacts on surface water quality in Pennsylvania LBJ Publications
Will the SIEPAC Transmission Project Lead to a Vibrant Electricity Market in Central America? LBJ Publications
The Impact of Wind Generation on Wholesale Electricity Prices in the Hydro-Rich Pacific Northwest LBJ Publications
Transparency of Retail Energy Pricing: Evidence from the U.S. Natural Gas Industry LBJ Publications
Texas Electricity Markets: Getting Better LBJ Publications
The response of large industrial energy consumers to four coincident peak (4CP) transmission charges in the Texas (ERCOT) market LBJ Publications
"The Many Factors that Affect the Success of Regulatory Mechanisms Designed to Foster Investments in Energy Efficiency" LBJ Publications
"Blowing in the Wind: Vanishing Payoffs of a Tolling Agreement for Natural Gas-Fired Generations of Electricity in Texas" LBJ Publications
"Wind Generation and Zonal-Market Price Divergence: Evidence from Texas" LBJ Publications
"Successful Renewable Energy Development in a Competitive Electricity Market: A Texas Case Study" LBJ Publications
"Exact Welfare Effect for Double-Log Demand with Partial Adjustment" LBJ Publications
"Getting to Zero: Green Building and New Zero Energy Homes" LBJ Publications
"Barriers and Policy Solutions to Energy Efficiency as a Carbon Emissions Reduction Strategy" LBJ Publications
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