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Economic and Social Development

LBJ in the News
Austin Police Department seeks to change perception of police LBJ in the News
Business owners say transgender bathroom law could cost millions LBJ in the News
Why So Few American Economists Are Studying Inequality LBJ in the News
Does Subsidizing Crops We're Told To Eat Less Of Fatten Us Up? LBJ in the News
Serving Austin’s hungry residents requires listening to them LBJ in the News
Professor James Galbraith to Receive Prestigious Economics Prize News
LBJ Publications
The struggle for black dignity continues LBJ Publications
Black Lives Matter’s big step LBJ Publications
President Obama Defends Phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Unprecedented Town Hall LBJ Publications
Commentary: From the civil-rights struggle to Black Lives Matter, John Lewis blazes the trail LBJ Publications
Behavioral Economics and Workforce Development: A Review of the Literature from Labor Economics and the Broader Field LBJ Publications
The Failed Promise of the Texas Miracle LBJ Publications
Connecting Workers to Credentials: The Promise and Pitfalls of Awarding Academic Credit for Prior Learning LBJ Publications
Macro-level Drivers of Multidimensional Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: Measuring Change in the Human Poverty Index LBJ Publications
Assessing the Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Program of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin LBJ Publications
Texas Early Childhood Care and Education Institutions of Higher Education: Capacity Survey Final Report LBJ Publications
Macro-level Drivers of Multidimensional Poverty in Developing Countries: Measuring Change in the Human Poverty Index LBJ Publications
Increasing College Attainment in the United States: Variations in Returns to States and their Residents LBJ Publications
The Credential Differential: The Public Return to Increasing Postsecondary Credential Attainment LBJ Publications
Saving Made Simple: An Evaluation of the Employer-Based Automatic Savings Program LBJ Publications
Book Review of Ain't No Trust LBJ Publications
"The Future of Food Assistance: Opportunities and Challenges" LBJ Publications
Preventing youth gangs in Austin through positive youth development: City of Austin and Travis County Juvenile Justice Strategic Plan LBJ Publications
"Restoring Rundberg: A community-research partnership" LBJ Publications
"Resident feedback on the Restore Rundberg community survey" LBJ Publications
"Opportunity Costs Associated with Caring for Older Mexican-Americans" LBJ Publications
"Measuring Self-Help Home Improvements in Texas Colonias: A Ten Year Snapshot” LBJ Publications
"The Reproduction of Informality in Low-Income Self-Help Housing Communities" LBJ Publications
The value of household water service quality in Lahore, Pakistan LBJ Publications
"Active Labor Market Policies and Programmes in Japan and the USA: Will East Meet West?" LBJ Publications
AIDS Drugs for All: Social Movements and Market Transformations LBJ Publications
Community Change in East Austin LBJ Publications
Constructing Development: The World Bank's Good Governance Agenda LBJ Publications
"Development Aid" LBJ Publications
"IPE's Split Brain" LBJ Publications
"Reflections on the American School: An IPE of Our Making" LBJ Publications
"The Role of the World Bank in Poverty Alleviation and Human Development in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction" LBJ Publications
"Family Economic Well-Being Following the 1996 Welfare Reform: Trend Data from 5 Non-Experimental Panel Studies" LBJ Publications
"Are Markets Good for Girls? The World Bank and Neoliberal Education Reforms in Developing Countries" LBJ Publications
Investing In Children and Parents: Fostering Dual-Generation Strategies in the United States LBJ Publications
Strategically Positioning Goodwill Industries of Central Texas (Final Report) LBJ Publications
The Use of Market Mechanisms in U.S. Workforce programs: Lessons for WIA Reauthorization and the European Social Fund LBJ Publications
"Reflections on Austin in the 1990s: Economic Development through Workforce Initiatives" LBJ Publications
2009 Legatum Prosperity Index: A Global Assessment of Wealth and Well-Being LBJ Publications
"Five 'Don'ts' For U.S. Development Policy" LBJ Publications
2008 Legatum Prosperity Index: A Global Assessment of Wealth and Well-Being LBJ Publications
"Impacts on Children of Cash Transfers in Malawi" LBJ Publications
"The Problems of Disadvantaged Youth: An Economic Perspective" LBJ Publications
"Improving Education and Employment for Disadvantaged Young Men: Proven and Promising Strategies" LBJ Publications
"Designing Incentive-Compatible Policies to Promote Human Capital Development" LBJ Publications
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