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Early Childhood/Child Care

LBJ in the News
Year-round school doesn't solve the 2 big problems with summer vacation LBJ in the News
Who Fails to Pay Child Support? Moms, At A Higher Rate Than Dads LBJ in the News
In Tulsa, Combining Preschool With Help For Parents LBJ in the News
Today's Fathers News
New Analysis from LBJ School’s Child and Family Research Partnership Shows Short-Term Savings of $142 Million from Pre-K for State of Texas
Osborne Evaluates Texas Home Visiting Program for Texas HHSC News
Opening the Black Box on Education: High-Stakes Accountability Examined News
LBJ Publications
Texas Early Childhood Care and Education Institutions of Higher Education: Capacity Survey Final Report LBJ Publications
Final Evaluation Report on the Texas Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative LBJ Publications
Final Evaluation Report on the Raising Texas Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative LBJ Publications
Gap Analysis on State Services for Texas Children LBJ Publications
Texas Home Visiting Program (THVP): Evaluation Plan LBJ Publications
Texas Home Visiting Program: Implementation and Operations Guide LBJ Publications
The Texas Home Visiting Program: Taking Home Visiting Programs to Scale in Texas: Variation in Implementation and Outcomes LBJ Publications
Texas Home Visiting Program: Supporting Early Childhood Systems-Level Change in Texas Communities LBJ Publications
Early Lessons Learned from Building Local Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems in Texas LBJ Publications
"Chapter 1: Historical Perspective" LBJ Publications
Child Support and Asset Building LBJ Publications
Review of U.S. States' Child Support Guideline LBJ Publications
No Kidding: Straight Talk From Teen Parents Data Summary Report 2009-2011. Prepared for the Texas Office of the Attorney General, July. LBJ Publications
"Partnership Instability, School Readiness, and Gender Disparities" LBJ Publications
From Awareness to Action: A Case Study of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption LBJ Publications
"The Effects of Welfare and Child Support Policies on the Incidence of Marriage Following Nonmarital Birth" LBJ Publications
"The Influence of Union Instability and Union Quality on Children's Aggressive Behavior" LBJ Publications
"Parental Substance Abuse and Child Well-Being: A Consideration of Parents' Gender and Coresidence" LBJ Publications
Lesson Learned from the Mothers: Focus Group Results from the Ft. Worth, TX Healthy Marriage Program LBJ Publications
"Parenting Practices of Resident Fathers: The Role of Marital and Biological Ties" LBJ Publications
"Work, Welfare, and Young Children's Health and Behavior in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study" LBJ Publications
"Partnership Instability and Child Well-being" LBJ Publications
"Does the Age that Children Start Kindergarten Matter?" LBJ Publications
"Reducing Child Support Debt and Its Consequences: Can Forgiveness Benefit All?" LBJ Publications
"Impacts on Children of Cash Transfers in Malawi" LBJ Publications
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