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Ph.D. Alumni

Research Interests
Abigail Aiken Reproductive Health Policy, Fertility Demography, Unintended Pregnancy
Hamid E. Ali military spending, fiscal policy, inequality and economic development. Ali is also working with parties from the Darfur conflict to end human suffering, and to promote a democratic transition and a prosperous reconstruction. At the GAO, Ali was a major contributor to reports for congressional committees on issues related to the readiness of the USArmy's chemical and biological units, farm subsidy programs and the FCC regulation of the digital spectrum
Fred Beach
Stephen Becker Energy economics, intellectual property valuation
Maureen Berner State and local government finance. Maureen’s dissertation, U.S. federal budget structure 1962-1995: Beyond incrementalism, won the 1999 Best Dissertation award of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
Pedro Felipe Teixeira da Conceicao global public good, inequality and unemployment in Europe
Reid Cramer Economic Growth, Next Social Contract, Ownership & Assets
Alejandra Ramirez Cuesta Urban Planning, Environment and Poverty, Urban Policy and Equity, GIS and Urban Spatial Analysis, Regional Interest in Latin America
Jenna Cullinane Higher Education Policy, Economics of Education, International Comparative Policy Analysis
Cesar Martinez Espinosa National Security, International Security, U.S - Mexico Relations, Economic Policy, Public Finance
Andres Forero Public Finance, Economic Policy, Financial Regulation, Bankruptcy, Emerging Markets
Jose Enrique Garcilazo monetary economics, computational economics and econometrics. During his doctoral studies, his research focused primarily on the problem of European unemployment in which he explored the relationship between inequality and unemployment by developing a regional model of unemployment applied to Europe's period of integration
Vidal Garza-Cantu studies in inequality and political issues
John Horrigan technology and telecommunications policy, including work on universal telephone service, state and local telecom policy, and U.S. R&D policy
Rahel Kahlert Evidence-based policy; policy and program evaluation; education policy; international development
Anjum Khurshid health policy, information technology, civil service reforms and the economics of semiconductors
Junmo Kim Science, Industrial & Technology Policy, Wage analysis, and Policy Evaluation
Hyunsub Kum Distributive Analysis of Income, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Research Methods, Public Policy Theory
Alberto Levy energy policy and its impacts on development in less developed countries; the impact of rural electrification on economic and social development
Jiaqing Lu income distribution, capital flow, financial crisis, Asian political economy and sustainable growth
Tanvi Madan Foreign & Security Policy, US-India Relations, Diplomatic History, Indian Energy Policy
Judith Mariscal ICT regulatory and public policies
Sharon Mastracci employment policy and women’s studies
Jane Maxwell trends and patterns of substance abuse in Texas, nationally, and internationally, with special interest on the US-Mexico border; research in patterns of use and abuse of methamphetamine, party drugs, methadone, and prescription drugs; impaired driving programs; and the relationship of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS
Stipica Mudrazija Economics of Aging, Public Finance, Social Policy, Research Methods
Brian K. Muzás International Security, Defense Systems, Ethics
Angela Newell Innovation outcomes of government provided big data, the organizational impacts of interactive and mobile technologies, and cyber security.
Ian Partridge Climate Change Policy, Climate Mitigation Finance, Offset Schemes
Rima Petrossian groundwater resource delineation and resource management, international and cross-boundary groundwater resources, environmental issues, groundwater resource economics, and climate change
Ana Ramirez-Huerta PETEW_70@HOTMAIL.COM Interrelationships among environmental, economic, and institutional aspects of urban policymaking in Mexico
Hector Robles Mexican federalism and public education, Latin American decentralization, local government and provision of public services, and knowledge-based economy
Shao-Chee Sim
Laura Spagnolo Income Inequality, Poverty and Social Policy in Latin America
John Stickels death penalty issues, victims in the criminal justice system, and race relations in the criminal justice system
Alexandra Stone Innovation Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, Technology Transfer Policy, Research Methods
Matthew Wilson regional economics and community development policy, metropolitan policy, public financial management, political economy
Wenjie Zhang Economic Policy, Income Inequality, Social Stability
Beibei Zou Regulation impact assessment, public finance, risk management