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Current Ph.D. Students

Research Interests
Amelia Altz-Stamm Candidate Water management and administration in the Middle East, specifically in Jordan’s water sector
Sofia G. Ayala Candidate Regional and International Economic Development, Inequality, Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Francisca Bogolasky Fliman Pre-candidacy Education and Urban Policy, specifically the link between the two
Selena Caldera Pre-candidacy
Christina Caramanis Pre-candidacy Social welfare policy, family policy and demography, poverty reduction, child development
Jaehee Choi Pre-candidacy Inequality and labor market stratification, Social policy for working mothers
Eleanore Douglas Candidate International Security, Defense Policy, Strategy
Noah Durst Pre-candidacy Housing and land market dynamics in high poverty areas in Texas
Xue Gao Pre-candidacy Energy and environmental Policy, Climate Change Policy
Emily Kao Candidate Health policy, specifically regional healthcare delivery models, and the efficient delivery of quality emergency and trauma care services.
Nisha Krishnan Pre-candidacy The intersection of development and the environment; climate change
Abby Lane Pre-candidacy Social welfare policy, family policy, poverty reduction, child development
Roger M. Miranda Candidate Common Pool Resources, Governance of Transboundary Water Resources, International Environmental Policy
Abigail Novak Pre-candidacy Early intervention policies and programs intended to prevent early exposure to violence and/or trauma
Leonard O'Bryon Pre-candidacy US foreign policy and national security, East Asian and Middle East affairs, international finance, and US economic and fiscal policy
Ilse Oehler Grediaga Pre-candidacy Public Management, Performance Management Systems, Policy and Program Evaluation, Poverty, Inequality
Carlos Olmedo Candidate Human capital and low income housing, US-Mexico border focus
Eliezer Poupko Candidate Election Law and Policy, Democratic Theory, and Comparative Constitutional Design
D. "Cale" Reeves Pre-candidacy Residential adoption of decentralized energy resources in contexts with social, economic, and physical infrastructure networks
Megan Reiss Candidate International Security
Esther Reyes Martinez Pre-candidacy Bureaucratic behavior, democracy, border enforcement policy
Jodi Rosenstein Pre-candidacy Capturing best practices and lessons learned from the United States’ increasingly “interagency” stabilization operations
Ariel Schwartz Candidate International Cooperation, Global Public Goods Provision, Development
Rachael Singer Pre-candidacy Neglected tropical diseases and infections of poverty, emerging infectious diseases and national security, medical education reform, and vaccine diplomacy.
Santiago Tellez Pre-candidacy Governance issues in the education sector, in particular the effects of decentralization of education on students’ performance and inequality in Latin Americ
Rachel Veron Pre-candidacy Low-income family issues, higher education access and success, and state and regional workforce development and economic development innovation
Michael U. Villarreal Pre-candidacy Education policy; legislative decision making
Tom Vincent Pre-candidacy
Miha Vindis Pre-candidacy Communications Technology and Digital Social Capital, Grand Strategy, Ethics & Leadership, Video Games and Policy
Ashlyn Webb Pre-candidacy The intersection of women’s political representation and issues of religious liberty