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Student Organizations

The Baines Report

The Baines Report is an approved student organization composed of and governed by students of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. The Report is dedicated to publishing student op-eds, blogs and media related to current policy..

Contact: Jon Brandt or Sarah Harris

The Barry Goldwater Society

The Barry Goldwater Society is a student organization created to provide a space for conservative students and ideas at the LBJ School. The Society is dedicated to the belief that ideological diversity and the constructive exchange of ideas create a better policy education for all students.

Contact: Rachel Hoff

Citizens for Local and State Service (CLASS)

Citizens for Local and State Service (CLASS) is a student-run organization focused on bringing more attention to the importance of involvement in our local communities. CLASS creates hands-on opportunities to involve and familiarize students with the machinery of local government

Contact: Cicely Kay, Marianne Reddivari, or Bryan Milward

Feminist Policy Alliance (FPA)

The Feminist Policy Alliance is an inclusive community for LBJ School students focusing on policy issues affecting women. FPA brings education and advocacy to the LBJ School, the University, and the Austin community.


Graduate Public Affairs Council (GPAC)

The Graduate Public Affairs Council (GPAC) is the university-recognized student government body of the LBJ School. GPAC's purpose is to serve the students of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs community. In order to achieve this purpose, GPAC facilitates student initiatives; fosters discussion and decision-making; and represents and engages in advocacy on behalf of students and their concerns.

In addition to representing the LBJ student community to LBJ School administration, the larger UT Community and other outside groups and organizations, GPAC also sponsors a range of activities including:

  • A variety of academic and social events ranging from Presidential Debate Watching parties to social activities such as the LBJ Alumni picnic;
  • The Brown Bag Speaker Series, which brings practitioners and academic experts to the LBJ School;
  • Alumni telephone and video conferences to connect current students with LBJ alumni working in diverse professional environments world-wide;
  • Intramural sport events and field days with other schools and UT departments;
  • And much more!

Contact: Cameron Lagrone

Green Society

The Green Society’s goal is for policy students to learn more about local and national environmental issues. The club facilitates engagement of the LBJ School with the greater environmental community across Austin and the University. We oversee the recycling efforts at LBJ and serve as the go-between with the sustainability office, other university environmental groups and LBJ students.  We also create opportunities for policy students to learn more about environmental issues by sponsoring brown bag lectures, film screenings and organizing forums—including the inaugural UT Energy Forum this February.  We also make an effort to regularly get out and enjoy the natural world we strive to protect.

Contact: Nora Ankrum, Kathryn Flowers, or Chihiro Takeda

Harvey Milk Society

The Harvey Milk Society is an inclusive LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Ally) organization that aims to increase the visibility of LGBTQ issues at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, educate our peers, and advocate for policies that advance equality at the LBJ School, the University of Texas at Austin, and the greater Austin community.  HMS is a part of the UT Austin Gender and Sexuality Center Affiliate Program and organizes social, advocacy, and educational events throughout the semester.  Some of our past events include facilitated discussions with speakers on LGBTQ policy issues, representation of UT at the Austin Pride Parade, advocacy efforts around various issues, documentary screenings, ally training with the GSC, and a number of social events.

Contact: Awais Azhar or Max Andonov

LBJ Journal of Public Affairs

The LBJ Journal of Public Affairs is the oldest student-run public affairs journal in the nation. It is governed by an editorial board of LBJ students and published once a year. The LBJ Journal's mission is to publish professional quality work that promotes discourse on contemporary policy issues. The LBJ Journal publishes papers written by the extended LBJ School community as well as other public affairs students and practitioners in order to provide a forum of interaction between the LBJ School and the wider policy community. The Baines Report is the LBJ Journal's home on the Web. In addition, its mission is to further the public affairs debate by publishing online-specific content on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.

Contact: Steven Bartels

Net Impact

Net Impact is a nonprofit membership organization for students and professionals interested in using business skills in support of various social and environmental causes. Net Impact is actually an organization through the McCombs School of Business, but LBJ students are welcome at our events.  We host networking events and speaker series centered on topics such as corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability.

Contacts: Dorine Serrano

PhD Colloquium

The LBJ School PhD Colloquium is a research seminar held to discuss current, cutting-edge public policy and public policy relevant methods and research. Presenters include LBJ School professors and doctoral students, as well as invited guests from across the University of Texas campus and public policy relevant researchers from around the world. The colloquium is open everyone, but geared toward doctoral students, students interested in public policy research and learning more about the doctorate in public policy, and faculty conducting or interested in public policy research. The LBJ School PhD Colloquium serves as the hub for the University of Texas public policy research community.

Contact: Dr. Victoria Rodriguez

Public Affairs Alliance for Communities of Color (PAACC)

PAACC's mission is to promote awareness and understanding of policy issues affecting communities of color by initiating dialogue, activities, and programs within the LBJ School community. Through these efforts, PAACC strives to contribute to the education of future policymakers. PAACC's programming endeavors to reach out to the LBJ student body, the greater University of Texas campus, and the community of Austin. Some of PAACC's events include: free GRE workshops for underrepresented prospective policy students; Barbara Jordan events that pay homage to her legacy; The United Nations of Food; prospective LBJ student recruitment; and community service activities.

Contact: Brencia Berry or Martha Bohrt

Social, Health, and Economic Policymakers (SHEP)

SHEP is a forum for the LBJ community to exchange information related to social, health, and economic policy. On our listserv, we share relevant news articles, policy memos and research, conference and event announcements, internship and job postings, class listings, and other items of interest. We also host events such as faculty presentations, discussions, and happy hours, and we collaborate with LBJ centers such as the Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP) to co-host events. In all we do, we strive to serve as a valuable and friendly community for all LBJ students, faculty, staff, and alumni interested in social, health, and/or economic policy.

Contact: Erin McManusAlison Simister
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