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Spring 2015 - 61353 - PA393L - Advanced Policy Economics

Globalization: Political Economy

Instructor(s): Gholz, Eugene
Unique Number: 61353
Day & Time: M 2:00 pm -5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.220
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Course Overview

Students are required to take an additional three-hour course in policy economics, selected from among a set of courses focusing on the application of economic theory and techniques to a specific area of public policy. Course options include macroeconomics, public finance, regulation, international trade and finance, natural resources and environmental policy, health policy, transportation policy, human resource development, urban and regional economic development, international development, education policy, social policy, and labor economics. Not all options are offered every year. This course is usually taken in the second year. 

Section Description

This course examines the political economy of globalization.  We will discuss the definition of globalization, its causes, and its effects on developed and developing countries.  The dynamics of trade, capital flows, and immigration and the policy responses to those flows are all part of the "big picture."  The course covers topics such as the effects of globalization on wages and labor standards; on tax rates, government borrowing, and the provision of public goods; on environmental regulations and their enforcement; and on entrepreneurial opportunities, the protection of property rights, and on the stability of the banking system. At the end of the course, each student should be comfortable applying general economic models to specific policy situations in contemporary debates about globalization. Each student will also have several opportunities to practice policy-style writing that seeks to make economics relevant to policy-makers.