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Spring 2014 - 63455 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Americans with Disabilities

Instructor(s): Cantu, Norma
Unique Number: 63455
Day & Time: M 3:45 pm -6:45 pm
Room: TNH 2.124
Waitlist Information:For LBJ Students: UT Waitlist Information
Course Overview

Topics for these policy seminars have included environmental and natural resources policy, health-service delivery policy, social welfare policy, transportation policy, science and technology policy, international affairs, national security, urban and regional growth policy, and political campaigns.


Section Description

This course provides an opportunity to analyze law and policy in the fast- growing area of law concerning people with disabilities.

Legislation to prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability has produced substantial results in employment, education, housing, health and other fields.  Students taking this course will be exposed to the history of disability law, the trends in federal rulings, and emerging issues as Congress debates new legislation covering persons with disabilities who seek to be part of the working, living and interacting communities of this nation.

Related Course Areas

  • Civil Liberties
  • Civil Litigation
  • Social and Economic Regulation

This course is cross-listed with LAW 348D #29245 and EDA 383.16 #10630. LAW is the originating department.