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Spring 2012 - 62157 - PA393L - Advanced Policy Economics

Nonprofit Health Policy

Instructor(s): Warner, David C.
Unique Number: 62157
Day & Time: M 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.355
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Course Overview

Students are required to take an additional three-hour course in policy economics, selected from among a set of courses focusing on the application of economic theory and techniques to a specific area of public policy. Course options include macroeconomics, public finance, regulation, international trade and finance, natural resources and environmental policy, health policy, transportation policy, human resource development, urban and regional economic development, international development, education policy, social policy, and labor economics. Not all options are offered every year. This course is usually taken in the second year. 

Section Description

The course will examine the role of non-profit activity in the health sector in financing, providing, and advocating for health services. It will be necessary also to examine the role of for-profit entities and government programs and subsidies in many of the same areas. Because of the variety of issues there may be several guest lecturers for a portion of classes. The aim of the class will be to expose the participants to a variety of issues relating to nonprofits and health while also enabling each to think critically in organizing an issue of importance to them.

The requirements will include one briefing paper, three individual or group work-ups, and a final paper. Class participation (including work-ups) will be 40%, the briefing paper 20%, and the final paper 40% of the final grade.