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Spring 2011 - 62107 - PA188S - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Writing for MPAff Majors

Instructor(s): Tomlinson, Chris
Unique Number: 62107
Day & Time: W 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.355
Waitlist Information:For LBJ Students: UT Waitlist Information
Course Overview

Three hours a week for five weeks, or as required by the topic. Content varies and cover a wide range of policy topics. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary.

Section Description

This course develops a writing style suitable for policy professionals, focusing on producing documents to influence and shape perceptions in the public and the media.

Students will generate a portfolio of typical writing products that demonstrate effective communication: an op-ed, talking points, Congressional testimony, a press release and a wiki entry. These may be used as writing samples for prospective employers. The writing will focus on the global advocacy sector and applicable for use by government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academics or any group attempting to influence public opinion.

Students will pick an organization, get to know it well and then craft a campaign so that each writing product will support that group’s activities. Examples would be a government agency, a non-profit or a think tank. The writing should be as realistic as possible.

Students will have weekly opportunities to present, develop and organize their work in short papers. In a multimedia environment, students will present their work in class to hone their public appearance skills. Students who need help with grammar and punctuation will have an opportunity to improve those skills, but the class will focus on content, organization and presentation for a general audience.

Class will be taught 1/19/2011 through 2/16/2011.