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Spring 2011 - 62040 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Political Development & Policy-making in India

Instructor(s): Bussell, Jennifer
Unique Number: 62040
Day & Time: T 9:00 - 12:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.355
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Course Overview

Topics for these policy seminars have included environmental and natural resources policy, health-service delivery policy, social welfare policy, transportation policy, science and technology policy, international affairs, national security, urban and regional growth policy, and political campaigns.


Section Description

This course provides an introduction to the relationship between political development and policy-making in developing countries. Using India as a guide, we will examine the political institutions underlying the policy process and the role played by groups with diverse policy interests. In doing so, we will evaluate the characteristics of political competition and the dynamics of political participation in a highly dynamic, federalist context. With this foundation in domestic political economy, we will explore the major policy issues facing developing countries today, such as economic development, health and global epidemics, and the environment. Throughout the course we will place India in the context of other developing countries, so as to evaluate the ways in which differing institutional and interest-based constraints may lead to divergent policy choices at both domestic and international levels.