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Fall 2013 - 63710 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Innovation and Trends in the Nonprofit Sector

Instructor(s): King, Mike
Unique Number: 63710
Day & Time: M 2:00 pm -5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.122
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Course Overview

Students desiring additional exposure to public management issues may select from seminars on such topics as managing diversity, principles and practices of effective leadership, and social entrepreneurship. 

Section Description

The nonprofit sector is experiencing major changes as the funding streams for healthcare, housing, education and senior care are undergoing review by the federal, state and local government.  Private philanthropy is impacted by potential tax reform as well as an economy in recovery.  In addition, the country is attempting to design and execute services for a veteran’s population returning from service that effects record numbers of families including mothers in uniform, and soldiers adjusting to civilian life after multiple tours of duty.  These and other factors make today’s nonprofit world one of the most dynamic, challenging and important in our 200+ year history.

Nonprofit leaders must be more innovative, informed and strategic today than ever before.  This class will inform the students on the latest policy trends, and position them within the dialogue of national nonprofit executives and thought leaders from Washington, D.C. to Austin.  Students will explore and discuss a variety of critical challenges in ‘real time’ before these issues even reach the national news cycle.

Examples of successful innovations within the sector, emerging trends and strategic change will be explored and analyzed.

This course is cross-listed with SW385K and MAN385.  LBJ is the home department.  The course fulfills requirements for the Non-profit Portfolio Program

Instructor:  Mike King, National President and CEO of Volunteers of America, Inc, from Alexandria, VA, and former Executive Vice President and COO of the United Way of Dallas will visit Austin each week to lead this class.  Volunteers of America, Inc. employs 16,000 salaried employees and more than 60,000 volunteers annually.  With a budget of nearly a billion dollars, the organization operates in 400 communities and 46 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The organization was founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth.