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Fall 2012 - 62225 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Energy Law

Instructor(s): Spence, David
Unique Number: 62225
Day & Time: MW 8:00 - 9:30 am
Room: GSB 3.138
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Course Overview

Topics for these policy seminars have included environmental and natural resources policy, health-service delivery policy, social welfare policy, transportation policy, science and technology policy, international affairs, national security, urban and regional growth policy, and political campaigns.


Section Description
For 21st century business leaders, understanding and managing the legal and ethical environment of business is a core skill.  This course will help students develop that skill.   Ethical expectations, laws and regulations are complicated and constantly changing, even more so for firms that operate in multiple countries and cultures.  This course will provide MBA students with (i) a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical forces within which businesses operate, (ii) a deeper understanding of the political and cultural context in which business takes place, (iii) a basic understanding of corporate responsibility issues, (iv) the tools business leaders need to manage relationships with their firm’s external stakeholders (governments, NGOs, communities, etc), and (iv) practice applying that knowledge to real world business situations.  
Readings: Spence & Prentice, Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Practice (draft), available free via course blackboard.
  • Class participation: 25%
  • Team presentation of mini-case: 20%
  • Memos on mini-cases:  30% (15% each)
  • Company Risk Analysis:  25%

This course will introduce students to the legal/regulatory regimes governing the energy industry, and to the important economic and political concerns that underlie the regulation of production and sale of energy. More specifically, the course will explore (i) the regulation of externalities in the production of hydroelectric, nuclear, renewable and fossil-fueled energy, as well as (ii) the regulation of price and competition in the sale of energy.

This course is cross-listed with LEB 380.31 and EER 396.  Business School is the home department.