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Fall 2011 - 61075 - PA680PA - Policy Research Project

Children's Issues in Texas

Instructor(s): Wong, Pat
Unique Number: 61075
Day & Time: Th 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.221/212
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Section Description

PRP Background:Texans Care for Children ( is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization whose proclaimed mission is “to better the lives of all Texas children by building commitment and action for improved public policy and programs.”  This organization is the client in this Policy Research Project.

Specifically, Texans Care for Children focuses on five policy areas: child and maternal health, child protection, child mental wellbeing, juvenile justice, and family financial security. Two strands of the activities of Texans Care are specially pertinent to the learning experience in this PRP.

  • As part of its on-going policy analysis and coalition-building process, Texans Care organizes a roundtable process in each of these five areas; and
  • Among other publications, Texans Care put out A Report on the Bottom Line: Conditions for Children and the Texas of Tomorrow that offers factual information and summary analysis on each of these five areas.

PRP Tasks: Texans Care has asked the LBJ School to work with them, in the form of an unfunded Policy Research Project, to complete at least two deliverables:

  • Conduct research to update the Report on the Bottom Line for the next legislative cycle; and
  • Organize a conference on Texas children policy issues at some point this academic year.

Depending on member interests, the PRP may take up all five issue areas or select a subset of the areas to work on. As part of the research process, Texans Care will:

  • Place interested PRP members in the roundtable process so there will be opportunities to attend coalition meetings and learn about the broader advocacy and policy development network on children and family policy issues;
  • Formulate more focused topics on which PRP members can write research briefs.

Other work products and learning opportunities may be negotiated at the beginning of the fall semester

Full disclosure: The PRP faculty director, Pat Wong, serves on the Board of Texans Care for Children.