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Fall 2010 - 61100 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Social Entrepreneurship

Instructor(s): Frumkin, Peter
Unique Number: 61100
Day & Time: M 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.122
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Course Overview

Students desiring additional exposure to public management issues may select from seminars on such topics as managing diversity, principles and practices of effective leadership, and social entrepreneurship. 

Section Description

This course explores the skills needed to be a successful social entrepreneur. At a time when more and more of the most complex problems require fresh ideas and insightful innovations, we are seeing the rise of social entrepreneurs who are acting as change agents all around the world . A social entrepreneur is someone who seeks to bring innovation and change, and who spots opportunities to meet critical public needs where others only see obstacles. Through case studies, readings about successful social entrepreneurs and guest speakers who have done this difficult work, the class aims to impart to students both an appreciation of the challenges of being a change agent and the thrill of social entrepreneurship. Students will develop during the course of the semester a plan for a nonprofit or for-profit social venture that they believe can produce significant public value. Student completing a plan may enter the RGK Center's Social Innovation Competition and vie for start-up funding for their ventures.

Cross listed with SW 395K; MAN 385