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Fall 2010 - 61085 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Philanthropy and the Fine Arts

Instructor(s): Ostrower, Francie
Unique Number: 61085
Day & Time: T 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Room: DFA 1.104
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Course Overview

Students desiring additional exposure to public management issues may select from seminars on such topics as managing diversity, principles and practices of effective leadership, and social entrepreneurship. 

Section Description

This course will examine the sources, characteristics, and consequences of cultural philanthropy in the United States. Through the KDK-Harman Student Philanthropy Program students will award $10,000 to one or more local arts organizations. Course goals are both to convey a broad understanding of cultural philanthropy and to explore the practical implications of how private philanthropy works for those engaged in seeking and awarding support. The course will compare different types of private funders, examine the relationship of philanthropy to overall support for culture (including public subsidy and policy) and assess the impact of philanthropy on the arts. Exercises and cases will be used to translate broad themes to practical issues related to formulating and implementing strategies for supporting arts and culture. Collectively the class will establish criteria for a grants program, prepare the application, promote the funding opportunity, review applications and make decisions associated with funding awards.

Cross listed with FA 381