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Fall 2010 - 60925 - PA384C - Public Management

Instructor(s): Ashworth, Kenneth H.
Unique Number: 60925
Day & Time: W 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.216/219
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Course Overview

This course provides substantive instruction in administrative policymaking and implementation. It is usually taken during the first year. Students are introduced to the role and method of administration in meeting policy expectations, resolving issues, responding to new requirements, and evaluating performance. The course covers the following topics: organization structure and bureaucracy, management issues and processes, managerial psychology, managing diversity, leadership, strategic planning, interorganizational relations, administrative law, human resource management, labor relations, personnel administration, performance measurement, program evaluation, information management, and ethics of public service. Each section of the course uses a different aspect of public administration or public management to emphasize these topics. The objectives of the course are achieved by using case studies, simulation exercises, class visitors, and practical exercises which complement the assigned readings and class discussions.

Section Description

We will focus on initiative and creativity in the administration of public policies—how you get results and how forces play upon you, whether in government or nonprofit or special interest organizations. We will examine some of the recurring and enduring themes and conflicts in our field as conditions constantly change. We will look at our obligation to consider social equity as well as efficiency, economy and neutrality in our duties and responsibilities. We will consider administration in its uses for good and for evil, that is, we will explore ethics, values, attitudes, and awareness of consequences. We will explore how our profession is unique and why your roles in our nation's future will be so important. And we will discuss steps to maintain and restore citizen confidence in government. These we will undertake through readings, discussions, and some role-playing. Underlying it all, we will be exploring what makes for leadership and courage in the public arena and your readiness for what you will face as future public executives.