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Fall 2010 - 60840 - PA680PA - Policy Research Project

Government Transparency Online

Instructor(s): Chapman, Gary
Unique Number: 60840
Day & Time: Th 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Room: SRH 3.316
Waitlist Information:For LBJ Students: UT Waitlist Information
Section Description

Continuing work of previous PRPs on the same topic, this Policy Research Project will explore how to expand government transparency in Texas using new online tools. The PRP will work jointly with the PRP of Professor Sherri Greenberg (PA 680 #60870) and will involve students working in collaboration with Texas state agency leaders, members of the state legislature and local government officials. The purpose of the PRP is to help the State of Texas and Texas local governments put more information about their activities online, and to help develop a user community of this new transparency effort.