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Evaluating Community Technology Centers
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Our final report is now available: An Ideal CTC: Strategies for Community Development from Austin Community Technology Centers.

We also produced a CTC Toolkit to assist Austin-area CTCs and others with common concerns such as grantwriting and creating press releases.

Community Technology Centers (CTCs) are one of the strongest participant groups making access to advanced digital technologies a reality for people in lower-income communities. Our research group is working to identify effective strategies used by CTCs that break down barriers to access. Our main focus is a decentralized, community-based effort to respond to the digital divide: the Austin Access Model.

The Austin Access Model is a deliberate strategy of coordinated actions to increase public access in targeted neighborhoods. The method has three objectives:

  • builds a neighborhood level computer network that first links people with each other, then their schools, libraries, and workplaces;
  • ensures that each citizen can send and receive multi-media information;
  • affirms that everyone, regardless of location or income, has the right to availability, opportunity, and access to use online resources.

Our research team worked with CTCs in the Austin area during the 2001-2002 school year to learn about their successful efforts to develop community.


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