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Transformative Leadership Program

A ground-breaking international collaboration to develop complex and adaptive thinking capacities in today’s leaders. 

Six‐Month Program Includes Intensives in Adelaide, Australia and Austin, Texas

The Transformative Leadership Program is held over a six-month period to provide leaders with the opportunity to instill and apply the lessons learned to their organizational context.

During this time participants will engage in deep, experiential learning and remain closely connected to the Program through a combination of:

  • On-site intensive learning led by renowned educators
  • On-site visits to organizations known for leading edge applications in excellence
  • Interactive online video-conferences
  • Discussions with some of the best thinkers in and out of government

Participants also undertake individual and group assignments designed to broaden their understanding of the concepts and provide opportunities to apply their learning in a  real-world context.

Facilitating a Global Perspective

The Transformative Leadership Program's designed interaction with those in similar leadership roles from another country, is intended to instill and enhance the new perspectives needed for addressing increasingly complex issues.

Thanks to special scholarships from the University of Adelaide, the Texas group will fly to Adelaide, Australia for the first intensive week of the program in August. The Australians will join the Texans in Austin in November for the second intensive week.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”  Transformative Leadership will develop that different level of leadership thinking needed for success in the coming decades.

Ideal Candidate

This unique 6-month program is designed to enhance complex thinking capacities in a few select leaders. The ideal candidate is someone who is already in a senior-level role or who is poised to be in such a role, already thinks strategically and is open to learning new perspectives.