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Rethinking Leadership: A fresh look at the way we think about and exercise leadership

"This is not just another leadership is an invitation to change the way you lead."

Do you feel adequately equipped to cope with the growing complexity in your environment?

Based on the latest research, this program will explore how to be successful in an increasingly complex, interdependent and ambiguous future; a future requiring adaptation in addition to technical skills.  It will suggest a rethinking of how we understand and exercise leadership and provide an alternative model for you to think about your own leadership.

You will be introduced to new ways to lead your team, organization or community and be given practical tools with immediate application to your work place.

The program will be practical, informal and participative, providing a rich, stimulating learning experience.  You will experience fresh, innovative thinking underpinned by evidence based theory.


  • Practice a proven and practical tool to increase focus, attention span and productivity that only requires 2-10 minutes per day.
  • Explore how to be more effective in a VUCA future (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).
  • Learn a more effective way to consider the idea of leadership using an Adaptive Framework
  • Reflect on current ways of thinking about leadership and how these might be enhanced.


No classes currently scheduled.