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Engaging Conscious Leadership

Date(s): February 13, 2013
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
Registration Fee: $650
Instructor: Daniel Friedland, M.D.

Commons Learning Center

The University of Texas at Austin

JJ Pickle Research Campus
10100 Burnet Road
Austin TX 78758

Sorry, this class has already ended.


Conscious Leadership includes an awareness of how to maintain an optimal mindset to inspire and engage key stakeholders in service of a higher purpose and shared vision.

Among the greatest challenges to this mindset of conscious leadership are stress, uncertainty and self-doubt. These factors activate your limbic system triggering a flight/fight response that can impede the ability to fully connect with others, incorporate values in decision-making, and take wise action.

Upon completion of this one-day program, you’ll understand the remarkable new brain science that shows you how you can better work your brain to:

*    Recognize and manage reactive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can hijack conscious leadership;

*   Reappraise and neutralize the underlying triggers of stress and self-doubt to free up the mental energy to focus your attention on what’s truly important;

*    Manifest a vision that expresses the specific values that provide a sense of meaning and purpose;

*    Stay on track moment by moment to continually realign actions with core values, vision, and purpose;

     *   Inspire this process in others to promote a more conscious culture.