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Facilities Use Policies and Room Reservations

Facilities Use Policies and Room Reservations

Room Reservations

Classrooms and common areas can be reserved by LBJ School faculty, staff and students when not in use for classes. Reservations can only be made by submitting a request to the LBJ School’s Online Calendar ( Individuals reserving classrooms or other meeting spaces in the School assume responsibility for security and maintenance (doors are locked upon exiting, chairs and other furniture are placed in the original setting, trash is bagged and placed in hallway for collection, etc.) of the space. By reserving space at the LBJ School, you are committing to be present for the duration of the event. Individuals reserving the room may not transfer the reservation to another individual without contacting the Dean’s Office. Events may be given priority as determined by the Dean. The Dean’s Office reserves the right to adjust scheduling as necessary. Those who were first to schedule their event and reserve a room have priority. When more than one event is scheduled at the same time, the organizations or individuals responsible for the events must work together to manage the shared space. The Dean’s Office reserves the right to deny permission for a reservation. For recurring events (weekly, monthly, etc.), each event must be entered separately on the calendar, unless it is a class or tutorials. For questions regarding entering classes and tutorials, please contact Alissa Strother at

Any special equipment or configurations needed for an approved event must be requested a minimum of 24 hours before the event. This includes requests to serve food/drinks, special furniture arrangements, A/V use and use of the key to Bass Lecture Hall.

If you need to see a locked space (such as Bass Lecture Hall) before your event in order to determine setup needs, you must contact the Events Coordinator at and make an appointment to view the space.

Common Areas

Public access to the LBJ School of Public Affairs is limited to working hours between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. After-hours access is only available to LBJ School faculty, staff and students with electronic Proximity ID Cards provided to them. The card readers are located on the south exterior door, the interior stairwells, outside seminar rooms and inside the elevators.

Students are encouraged to use the common areas on all three floors of the LBJ School for individual study and group meetings. The common areas offer a mix of private rooms, semi-private group meeting areas (partitioned), areas for individual study and food preparation spaces. Food and drink are allowed in the common areas on a provisional basis. Please help keep these areas clean by bagging food-related trash and putting it in properly marked receptacles.

The First Floor Lobby is a public space. Any event requests for this space are made with the understanding that the Lobby is regularly used for small group meetings, as a thoroughfare for other events and classes and as an avenue to the elevators and to the café. Events that occur in this space are generally open to the public and the parties responsible for these events must accommodate the regular foot traffic within this space.

Classroom Policies

Food in the classrooms is allowed on a provisional basis. Drinks in spill-proof mugs and plastic bottles with tops are allowed in classrooms. For special events or classes, food may be allowed, but LBJ School event sponsor will be held responsible for the cleaning of the rooms. This includes but is not limited to the bagging and placing of trash in the hallways for collection and cleaning of spills, crumbs and other miscellaneous refuse left at the conclusion of the event. It is imperative that all trash receptacles are placed outside the classroom so that Custodial Services may empty them. For those who do not comply, future privileges will be suspended and those responsible may be assessed a cleaning fee. Faculty members and students are to vacate the classrooms by 10 p.m. for weekly scheduled cleaning.

Individuals or organizations do not need to check out a key for classrooms they have reserved. Access to classrooms is gained through a Proximity ID Card. Bass Lecture Hall requires keys. Keys are available for check-out in the LBJ School Dean's Office, located in room 3.384, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Once checked out, these keys must be returned the following business day by 9 a.m. There are no exceptions to this rule. Rooms must be vacated and left in their original condition prior to the start of the next scheduled class or event.

Wasserman Media Center

The Wasserman Media Center, located on the basement level of the LBJ School, is designed for distance education classes and video conferencing purposes. To schedule use of this room for distance education or video conferencing purposes, please contact ITIMS at

Outside Organizations and Contact Information

Classrooms and common areas are reserved for use by LBJ School faculty, staff and students. Outside organizations must have an LBJ School faculty, staff or center sponsor in order to use LBJ School space for an event. The LBJ School faculty, staff or center sponsor must be present for the duration of the event, and is held responsible for maintenance of the space that's being used. Should you or your organization wish to seek Dean's Office co-sponsorship for an upcoming event, please contact the Events Coordinator at


Available Reservation Space/LBJ School


Bass Lecture Hall (occupancy 161)
Wasserman Distance Education Room (occupancy 40-45)

First Floor

3.122 (tiered classroom, occupancy 75-80)
3.124 (occupancy 75-80)

Second Floor

3.216 (occupancy 20)
3.219 (occupancy 20)
3.216/3.219 (partition opened, occupancy 40)
3.214 (occupancy 20)
3.220 (occupancy 20)
3.214/3.220 (partition opened, occupancy 40)
3.212 (occupancy 15)
3.221 (occupancy 15)
3.212/3.221 (partition opened, occupancy 30)

Third Floor

3.316 (occupancy 20)
3.350 (occupancy 20)
3.316/3.350 (partition opened, occupancy 40)
3.314 (occupancy 20)
3.355 (occupancy 20)
3.314/3.355 (partition opened, occupancy 40)
3.312 (occupancy 20)
3.360 (occupancy 20)
3.312/3.360 (partition opened, occupancy 40)