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Vidal Garza-Cantu

Ph.D. in public policy, 2001

Master's degree: Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University.
Present jobs: Professor of Public Policy and Economics and a Level 1 Member of the National Research System of CONACYT. Since August 2007, he has directed the Foundation for México and Latin America (FEMSA).
Previous jobs: He was a professor of Political Economy at the UANL and ITESM and a professor of Business and Law at the University of Monterrey. Since 1999, he has been a professor of the Political Economy and Public Policy and was the director of the Research Center for Public Policy Analysis whose principal purpose and activities focused on the development of training, public policy analyses, and socio-economic program evaluation of government functions at the Federal, State and Local levels.

Key publications:

  • Garza-Cantu, V. "The Evolution of Industrial Wage Inequality in US, Mexico and Brazil: A Comparative Study," Review of Development Economics, 2001.
  • Garza-Cantu, V. "Inequality in American Manufacturing Wages 1920-1998: A Revised Estimate," Journal of Economic Issues, Sep. 1999.
  • Garza-Cantu, V. "Grading the Performance of Latin American Regimes," Review of the Latin American Congress of Economists CEPAL Rio de Janeiro, Sep. 1999.

Dissertation title: The political economy of inequality: An assessment of the evolution of earnings inequality in Mexico and the Americas, 1968-2000.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor James K. Galbraith

Research Interests: studies in inequality and political issues