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Stephen Becker

Ph.D. photo

Ph.D. in public policy, 1998

Previous degree: MBA in Finance, the University of Texas at Austin.
Present job: Director, Applied Economics Consulting Group, Inc.

Key publications:

  • Becker, S. L. and Jiaqing Lu. "The Impact of Regulatory Intervention in Stock Options Backdating Disclosures." 2007 Oxford Business & Economics Conference, Oxford University, UK.
  • Becker, S. L. “Marketability, Marketing and Markets, An Economic View of Emerging Trends in Gas Royalty Valuation.” Presentation to the Energy Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association, Dallas, TX, November 2004.
  • Becker, S. L. “Predicting Trouble: Forecasting Corporate Distress and Bankruptcy.” Presentation to the 5th Annual Corporate Turnaround and Restructuring Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, May 2001.

Dissertation title: Re-thinking the educational production function paradigm.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Chandler Stolp

Research Interests: Energy economics, intellectual property valuation