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Sharon Mastracci

Sharon Mastracci

Ph.D. in public policy, 2001.

Master's degree: Economics, Ohio University.
Present job: Associate Professor with Tenure, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Previous jobs: Adjunct Instructor, George Bush School of Government and Public Service; Senior Associate, Coopers & Lybrand Consulting.

Key publications:

  • Mastracci, S. H. and James R. Thompson. “Flexibilized Employment in the Public Sector: Surprising Similarities and Important Differences between the US and UK.” International Journal of Public Administration (forthcoming).
  • Mastracci, S. H. “Who’s Information Age? Employment Opportunities for Non-College Women and Men in the New Economy.” Challenge: The Journal of Economic Affairs 49 (4): July/August 2006.
  • Mastracci, S. H. Breaking Out of the Pink Collar Ghetto: Policy Solutions for Non-College Women. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, Inc, 2004.

Dissertation title: Labor and service delivery: Training programs for women in non-traditional occupations.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Victoria Rodriguez

Research Interests: employment policy and women’s studies