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Reid Cramer

Reid Cramer

Ph.D. in public policy, 1998

Master's degree: City and regional planning, the Pratt Institute.
Present jobs: Research Director, the Asset Building Program at the New America Foundation. Co-Director, New America Foundation's Next Social Contract Initiative.
Previous jobs: Policy and budget analyst, Clinton and George W. Bush administrations at the Office of Management and Budget. Nonprofit housing and community development organizations. National Research Council. Urban Institute.

Key publications:

  • Cramer, R. "Accounts at Birth: A Proposal to Improve Life Chances through a National System of Children's Savings Accounts." In Child Welfare Research: Advances for Practice and Policy. Edited by Duncan Lindsey and Aron Shlonsky. New York: Oxford University Press. 2008.
  • Cramer, R. "Asset-Based Welfare Policy in the U.K.: Findings from the Child Trust Fund and Saving Gateway Initiatives." Washington, D.C.: New America Foundation. November 2007.
  • Cramer, R. "AutoSave: A Proposal to Reverse America's Savings Decline and Make Savings Automatic, Flexible and Inclusive." Washington, D.C.: New America Foundation. July 2006.

Dissertation title: Local economic development planning in low-income urban America: The case of the empowerment zone and enterprise community initiative.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Robert H. Wilson

Research Interests: Economic Growth, Next Social Contract, Ownership & Assets