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Pedro Felipe Teixeira da Conceicao

Pedro Felipe Teixeira da Conceicao

PhD in public policy, 2000

Previous degree: Ph.D. in Physics, Technical University of Lisbon
Present job: Director, Office of Development Studies, United Nations Development Program, New York.

Key publications:

  • Galbraith, J.K., and Pedro Conceicao. “Technological intensity and inter-sectoral dynamics of inequality: evidence from the OECD, 1970-1990,” International Journal of Technology Policy and Management, Vol. 2, No.3, 2002: 315-337.
  • Galbraith, J.K., Pedro Conceicao and Peter Bradford. “The Theil Index in Sequences of Nested and Hierarchical Grouping Structures: Implications for the Measurement of Inequality through Time, With Data Aggregated at Different Levels of Industrial Classification,” Eastern Economic Journal, 27 (4), Fall 2001: 491-514.
  • Galbraith, J.K., and Pedro Conceicao. Constructing Long and Dense Time Series of Inequality Using the Theil Statistic,” Eastern Economic Journal, 26 (1), June 2000: 61-74.

Dissertation title: Growth, technology and inter-industry earnings inequality in manufacturing: Evidence from a selection of OECD countries, 1970-1990.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor James K. Galbraith

Research Interests: global public good, inequality and unemployment in Europe