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Matthew Wilson

Ph.D. in Public Policy, 2000.

Master's degree: Economics, University of Colorado at Denver.
Present job: Assistant Professor, Economics, Denver University.
Previous jobs: Staff Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Office of the President, Washington, DC, 2000-2001.

Key publications:

  • Wilson, M. “Economic Causes and Consequences of Mexican Immigration to the United States.” Denver University Law Review 84, 4, 2007: 1099-1120.
  • Wilson, M. “Constitutional Economics and its Policy Agenda: A Veblen-Inspired Critique” Journal of Economic Issues 41, 2, 2007: 609-15.
  • Wilson, M. “The Veblenian Critique and Critical Realism: A Comparison of Critical Theories of Mainstream Economics.” Journal of Economic Issues 39, 2, 2005b: 519-25.

Dissertation title: Public infrastructure investment and structural economic change: The spatial dynamics of public works in the United States.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Robert H. Wilson

Research Interests: regional economics and community development policy, metropolitan policy, public financial management, political economy