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John Stickels

John Stickels

Ph.D. in Public Policy, 2003.

Previous degree: JD, Texas Tech University.
Present job: Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice Department, University of Texas at Arlington.
Previous jobs: Adjunct Professor, Southwest Texas State University. Chief Felony Prosecutor, Hays County Criminal District Attorney's Office. District Attorney 143rd Judicial District of Texas. County Attorney, Ward County, Texas. City Attorney, Monahans, Texas. Research Attorney, Minton, Burton, Foster, and Collins. Lawyer, Law office of John W. Stickels.

Key publications:

  • Stickels, J. "Is the Victim's Reluctance to Testify Brady Material?" ACJS Today - March/April 2005.
  • Stickels, J. "Texas Intermediate Sanctions Bench Manual" Published by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Community Assistance Division, 2003.
  • Stickels, J. "The Rule - A Historical Analysis." Voice for the Defense, Volume 29, No. 13, 2000: 26.

Dissertation title: Victim satisfaction: a model of the criminal justice system.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Aditi Gowri

Research Interests: death penalty issues, victims in the criminal justice system, and race relations in the criminal justice system