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Hector Robles

Hector Robles

Ph.D. in public policy, 2006.

Master's degree: Public policy, ITAM.
Present jobs: Advisor, Planning Committee of Development of the State of Jalisco. Sub-director, Strategic Programs in the Mexican Tax Administration Service and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Council Member, Zapopan City Council in Guadalajara, Mexico and part of the Permanent Political Commission of the political party PRI in Jalisco. Since January 2005 he runs a local TV show on political and policy analysis.

Key publications:

  • Robles, H. "The knowledge-based economy: the state of affairs of the Mexican states” Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2005.

Dissertation title: Better settings for better education: does decentralization work?
Dissertation supervisor: Professor Peter Ward

Research Interests: Mexican federalism and public education, Latin American decentralization, local government and provision of public services, and knowledge-based economy