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Hamid E. Ali

Hamid E. Ali

Ph.D. in public policy, 2004

Master's degree: Economics, The University of Texas at Austin.
Present job: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, American University of Cairo.
Previous job: Senior Economist, Optimetrics. Adjunct faculty, Southern Methodist University. U.S. Government Accountability Office. Texas State University. Texas Workforce Commission. Center for Transportation Research.

Key publications:

Ali, H. E. “Military Expenditure and Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Global Data.” Journal of Defense and Peace Economics 18(6), December 2007: 519-535.
Ali, H. E., and Shama Gamkhar. "Political Economy of Grant Allocation: Case of Federal Aid for Highways.” Journal of Federalism 38(1) , Winter 2008: 1-22.
Ali, H. E. "Military spending and Panel Granger Causality Test” Journal of Peace Research (Forthcoming).

Dissertation title: Essays in economic development and conflict.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor James K. Galbraith

Research Interests: military spending, fiscal policy, inequality and economic development. Ali is also working with parties from the Darfur conflict to end human suffering, and to promote a democratic transition and a prosperous reconstruction. At the GAO, Ali was a major contributor to reports for congressional committees on issues related to the readiness of the USArmy's chemical and biological units, farm subsidy programs and the FCC regulation of the digital spectrum