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Eliezer Poupko

Ph.D. photo


Eliezer S. Poupko is a PhD candidate at the LBJ School, currently finishing up his dissertation, entitled: “In Defense of Voting: Reinterpreting the Terms of the Voting Calculus with a View Toward Election Law and Policy.” This dissertation project undertakes a critical reinterpretation of the rational choice calculus of voter turnout, providing a framework for analyzing the normative foundations of American election law and administration. Eli’s primary research thus explores the relationship between democratic theory and electoral policy in the United States, but his work extends also to comparative electoral studies and constitutional design. He holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the LBJ School and a Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, and he previously practiced as a legal aid attorney in Florida and California. To learn more about Eli and view his CV, please visit

Research Interests: Election Law and Policy, Democratic Theory, and Comparative Constitutional Design