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Alberto Levy

Ph.D. in public policy, 1998.

Master's degree: Business Administration, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, IESA, Caracas, Venezuela.
Present job: Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank.
Previous jobs: Senior Energy Sector Specialist. Corporación Andina de Fomento, CAF. Consultant, CADAFE. Director of Government Affairs, ENRON Corp. Public Utilities Specialist, Office of Public Utility Counsel of Texas. Economist, Public Utility Commission of Texas. Researcher, Texas Energy Coordination Council. Economic Analyst, Public Utility Commission of Texas. Consultant, World Bank / Analysis of the Venezuelan Judicial System.

Key publications:

  • Levy, A. Long-term Electricity Contracts in Texas: Implications on Regulatory Policy. Doctoral Dissertation. The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, 1998.
  • Levy, A. Public Utility Commission of Texas. Report to the 75th Texas Legislature. Volume II. The Scope of Competition Report in the Electric Utility Industry in Texas: A Detailed Analysis. Public Utility Commission of Texas: Austin, TX, 1997.
  • García, H.; Levy, A. Venezuela: Beca Alimentaria. In Grosh, M. (Ed.) From Platitudes to Practice: Targeting Social Programs in Latin America. Vol. 2. The World Bank: Washington, DC, 1992.

Dissertation title: How many years should I be married: Long term power contracts in the electric utility industry in Texas.
Dissertation supervisor: Professor William Spelman

Research Interests: energy policy and its impacts on development in less developed countries; the impact of rural electrification on economic and social development