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Abigail Aiken


Abigail Aiken is originally from Northern Ireland, and received her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, England. She went on to attend Cambridge University Medical School, where she gained her MD. A current Frank Knox Fellow at Harvard University, she will graduate with an MPH in global health in May 2010. Abigail is currently interning at Austin State Capitol in the office of State Representative Carol Alvarado, advising on public education relating to obesity and cardiovascular health. She has a strong interest in women’s health and gender issues, and is involved in research for the Harvard Initiative for Global Health on the global problem of gender-based violence, and with Harvard Medical School on lifestyle risk factors for reproductive health. Having spent a large part of her life thus far in school, she manages to run several half marathons every year, and enjoys playing ice hockey, swimming, horse riding, traveling, and watching college football (Go Longhorns!).

Research Interests: Reproductive Health Policy, Fertility Demography, Unintended Pregnancy