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Cynthia Osborne Evaluates the Parenting and Paternity Awareness Program (p.a.p.a), a Mandatory Component of the Texas High School Health Curriculum

AUSTIN, Texas-- Nov. 2, 2010-- LBJ School Assisant Professor Cynthia Osborne evaluated the Parenting Awareness Program (p.a.p.a),  a mandatory component of the Texas high school health curriculum and teaches teens about the rights, responsibilities, and realities of young parenting. Osborne Osborne directed a research team who authored a report  titled Evaluation of the Parenting and Paternity Awareness (p.a.p.a) Curriculum First Year Report” for the Texas Attorney General’s Office that evaluated the impact that the p.a.p.a. curriculum has on students’ knowledge and attitudes, as well as the level of support for the program from teachers and principals. 

In the first year of the evaluation, complete data were gathered on 3,584 students from 44 Texas high schools. Additionally, information on the implementation of p.a.p.a. and fidelity to the curriculum was gleaned from surveys and interviews of 73 health teachers and 59 principals across the state.

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Download a copy of the report.