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LBJ School Professor Alan Kuperman Speaks Out on Canadian Medical Isotope Shortage

AUSTIN, Texas-- June 16, 2009-- When the nuclear reactor in Chalk River, Ontario, which produces one-third of the world’s medical isotopes, shut down on May 14 over safety concerns, it created a worldwide crisis in the field of nuclear imaging.

Medical isotopes are used in the effective detection and evaluation of patients with cancer, heart and brain diseases. With a shortage of isotopes, doctors are being forced to resort to other more costly and invasive procedures.

LBJ School Professor Alan Kuperman has been lending his expertise to the issue after organizing and drafting a letter to the U.S. Congress, with other non-proliferation experts and medical experts, urging Washington to start domestic production using low-enriched uranium (LEU), which is not weapons grade.

According to a press release issued by the letter-writers, “American patients depend on such isotopes for nearly 20 million medical procedures each year, but the United States does not produce any itself, relying entirely on imports.  Complicating matters further, most foreign manufacturers currently produce isotopes using nuclear weapons-grade, highly enriched uranium (HEU) – the same material that fueled the Hiroshima atom bomb – which is controversial.”

The crisis is expected to worsen when a European reactor, which produces a third of the world’s supply of medical isotopes, will close for scheduled maintenance this summer.

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Press Release and Letter to Congress “Medical and Nonproliferation Groups Unite to Confront Dire Shortage of Medical Isotopes.” - PDF


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