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Shama Gamkhar Memorial

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Shama Gamkhar

Shama Gamkhar Graduate Fellowship:

As a fitting way to honor her legacy and memory, the LBJ School seeks to raise funds to establish an endowed graduate fellowship in Shama Gamkhar's name. To make a one-time gift online to this fellowship endowment visit


Terrible Loss, Wonderful Teacher

Very sad to have heard this news today. Shama was a thorough, well-researched, and open-minded professor who was quite refreshing to learn Environmental Economics from. She was a joy to be around and I feel very privileged to have had her as a grounding influence in my life. My heart goes out to everyone affected by her passing, but I am honored to have known her, and her legacy lives on with all fortunate enough to have shared her presence.

A great loss for the school

I took Shama's Environmental Economics Course in 2003 and I loved every moment in her class. She was a great teacher: wise, warm and so welcoming to everyone. If you didn't understand a concept she would spend time with you, and before you knew it a concept became as clear as daylight. She was also a pioneer in her specialist field and her loss will be felt in academia I have no doubt. She will be dearly missed.

What sad news...

The news of Professor Gamkhar's passing took my breath away. The LBJ School and University of Texas lost one of its finest economic minds this past Sunday. I took Professor Gamkhar's PFM class back in the Spring of 1998. Several times during the class she spent extra time with me and assigned me extra work to ensure I understood the material. Her passion for teaching was evident to all who took a class with her. I am very grateful for all that I learned and for the time I spent with her. My prayers are with her family and indeed the entire LBJ School community during this very sad time.

A great loss

Professor Gamkhar was a warm, caring person. She invited students into her home and her classroom with equal grace. I was touched by her kindness, great intellect, and compassion.

Thank you Professor Gamkhar,

Thank you Professor Gamkhar, for all you did as an educator, researcher, colleague, and friend to those who knew you. I appreciate how you took the time to patiently teach me. You will be missed. QEPD.

She will be remembered, deeply

I could not stop my tears upon hearing this sad news. I was in the MPAff program during 2010-2012, took Professor Gamkhar's PFM class, and also TAed for the same class the next year. Professor Gamkhar is a great example for me. Kind, patient, supportive, and caring, she treated me as if I were her daughter. She always carries great patience whenever I have questions on the coursework, explaining them in detail with calm smile. What I would never forget is that Professor Gamkhar kindly offered to loan me personal funds to support my three-month internship at Paris with UNESCO. As an international student, I felt tremendous love from Professor Gamkhar. She invited me for lunch occasionally to check my academic progress. After I graduated from LBJ School, she kept supporting me by attending my accordion performances. A great mentor, she always encourages me to follow my dream. She even shared with me articles on arts funding policy and advised that the knowledge on environmental policies would help situate the challenges and issues on arts policy. Each semester she would organize semester potluck at her house, usually with quite a few international students attending, creating a sense of a big family. She will be remembered, deeply. And the seeds of love that she planted in our heart will grow and prosper.

Terrible news!

Both my wife and I took her class during 2003-2004 and I was able to meet her at the public budgeting and finance conference last year. We talked about our experiences in her class. I had never thought anything like this happened to her! It's too much for me to make sense of this tragedy!

I miss her profoundly.

I miss her profoundly.

One of the best...

Professor Gamkhar was one of the very best at the LBJ School. She was incredibly knowledgable, passionate, and committed to public service. She was also kind, patient, and endearing...inspiring every student she taught along the way. We will miss her.

So sorry to say goodbye

Shama was such a gift. As a reader on my PR she was a insightful and always there to offer help. She will be greatly missed.

What a terrible tragedy for

What a terrible tragedy for such a kind and sweet lady. Her public financial management course at LBJ taught me plenty, but Shama taught me something deeper about the nature of government-by-numbers. I am shocked and saddened at her too-early death, but I will remember her gentle temperament, love of family and research, and genuine enthusiasm for working with students. What an awful loss for the LBJ community, and especially for the students who will never know her.

She left an impression on LBJ hearts and minds

Professor Gamkhar was always accessible, wise, encouraging, and intelligent. I took two classes with her, but she made me feel as though she had been mentoring me my entire academic career and was proud of my achievements. Who knew public accounting (financial management) could be so engrossing? Her tragic passing is a great loss to the LBJ family, but her life was a tremendous gift to us all.

Remembering Shama Gamkhar

I am so sad to learn about her untimely demise. Professor Gamkhar was such a kind and generous soul. I will always cherish the time I spent in her company.

Remembering Shama

Shama was a lovely lady and exceptional professor. Her passing is very sad. She was the epitome of what it means to be an exceptional person and professional. My thoughts and prayers go to her family for their tragic losses.

Remembering Shama Gamkhar

Professor Gamkhar was such a generous and kind soul. I will always cherish our conversations and the time I spent in her company.

A Kind Teacher

Shama was a kind and thoughtful teacher and a wonderful human being. She gave me my first introduction to microeconomics, a subject that I now teach every year. I'll always be grateful to her for everything that she taught me both inside and outside of the classroom.

I never got to take a class

I never got to take a class with Professor Gamkhar, but I met her husband at the computer lab and talked with her at LBJ. They both were very kind, encouraging, thoughtful people and I am so sad I won't be able to talk more with them in the future.

Filled with sadness...

This is such a terrible loss for the LBJ Community (Alums, Current, & Future). I had two classes with Professor Gamkhar and I always appreciated her genuinely engaging and impassioned approach to teaching her courses. Her willingness to help students with the materials until they understood and her availability was truly instrumental for my understanding of Public Finance and State & Local Finance. She will truly be missed.

Shama will be deeply missed

Shama was perhaps one of the most sincere, kind, and thoughful people I have ever had the chance to work with. Her gentleness and caring were as endearing as her quite persistence. She possessed a soft effortlessness that drew the very best from her students. She will be deeply missed, and our prayers go out to her and her loved ones at this moment of tragedy.

This is awful news. She was

This is awful news. She was my PR reader and a wonderful, warm and kind friend. I will always remember her fondly.

Homage to a friend-in-the-making

After being casually acquainted with Shama for several years, I began to work with her closely in April on the development of a PRP class, exchanging e-mails on a daily basis and talking several times each week. She was a delight to work with--smart, hardworking, thoughtful of others, and solicitous of her students' progress. Her passing is a great blow to those who knew her and a tragic loss to the University of Texas.

What a peaceful, sincere,

What a peaceful, sincere, genuine, endearing lady you were. Thank you for caring thoroughly about your students and for cheering us on from the front row.

Well said, Clare. I felt her

Well said, Clare. I felt her genuine concern and care as an adviser. She will be missed.

With a heavy heart...

I was so saddened to learn about Shama's passing. She was not only a consummate professional and colleague, but a lovely and thoughtful woman. I feel blessed to have worked with her in my LBJ School family. May the light of her life's work and positive energy continue to shine on through her family, friends, colleagues and students.

Remembering Shama

This is such heartbreaking news! I'll always remember Shama for her quick mind, her ever-present smile and her willingness to help colleagues and students no matter how small or trifling the request. We are so glad she and Sid were able to share the last few years with each other.

You live forever in your students' heart

Shama was always there for her students, welcoming them with a loving smile and ever ready to help in any way possible. Her memories will live with us forever.

This is a terrible loss for

This is a terrible loss for the LBJ School community. Professor Gamkhar was constantly a warm and helpful presence around the school. Both as a professor and as an adviser, she was always willing to make time for students. Just last week she took time away from her travels to recommend courses for next semester she thought would be a good fit with my background and interests when one of the courses in which I was enrolled was unexpectedly canceled. Her kindness, expertise, and passion for her job will be dearly missed.