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LBJ Students Pen Twin Blogs for 'Scientific American' on the Future of Sustainable Energy and Bio-Fuels

Melissa LottAUSTIN, Texas-- December 3, 2010-- Melissa C. Lott and David Wogan, both Master of Public Affairs and Mechanical Engineering dual degree students, recently penned guest blogs for "Scientific American" on the rise of the renewable energy industry in Texas and the future of algae as the next big bio-fuel.

According to Lott's blog titled "Texas 'Tea' Becomes the Texas 'E'", Texas has an extensive renewable electric resource system that includes solar, wind and geothermal energy sources. Over the past decade, the state has encourged these use of these recources, creating a standard that has driven Texas to become the nation's leaders in wind generation.

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Lott has worked for six years with YarCom, Inc., as an engineer and consultant in energy systems and systems design. She has previously worked for the Department of Energy and the White House Council on Environmental Quality for the Obama Administration. She is a graduate of the University of California at Davis, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biological Systems Engineering. Lott is also the author of the blog Global Energy Matters: Energy and Environment in Our Lives.

Wogan's piece "Power from Pondscum: Algal Biofuels" explores the possibility of algae becoming the next alternative fuel source.David Wogan

"Algae, the little green guys responsible for everything from making your Dairy Queen Blizzard solid to forming the basis of our current fossil fuels, are being looked at long and hard by some of the nation's top researchers and decision-makers as a source for next-generation bio-fuels," wrote Wogan.

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David's work includes the integration of engineering, biological, and policy disciplines to assess advanced biofuel production in Texas. David received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin in December 2006. David has worked at National Instruments and at the White House Council on Environmental Quality on the Energy & Climate Change Team. David is a currently a graduate researcher with the Webber Energy Group and writes at The Daily Wogan, his energy and sustainability blog.


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