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David C. Warner,   Professor of Public Affairs


1. Kaiser Family Foundation: provides excellent links and updates on a number of initiatives including SCIT, Medicaid and Medicare as well as providing a number of useful links.

2. Families USA: has an excellent web site with a number of links. It generates current policy and advocacy positions and has a CHIP and a general health reform list site you can enroll in.

3. Duke University: maintains an excellent website with the most comprehensive links to providers, government, policy researchers and others. It is an excellent place to start.

4. The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA): is responsible for both Medicare and Medicaid and it's web pages include a great deal of administrative and statutory information as well as information on research and demonstrations that are being conducted.

5. The House Ways and Means Committee: publishes the Green Book on line every two years and it is an excellent compendium on how different aspects of Medicare work.

6. Texas based Center for Public Policy Priorities: the web page for this site is which has their studies and gives a Texas background to various issues.

7. Employee Benefits Research Institute: is an organization which is into doing research on health insurance and other employee benefits. Some of their research is on line.

8. Commonwealth Fund: is a foundation that is funding a lot of good research on health coverage.

9. The Urban Institute: an excellent source of research and issues papers relating to much that we are looking at, especially their New Federalism project.
(you should click on the New Federalism icon)

10. Texas State Government: can be accessed at from there you can access any state agency, the governor's office, or the legislature as well as state statutes. For legislation.

11. Texas Association of Health Plans: another web site page that is useful.

12. Texas Medical Association

13. Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Uninsured

14. -The Washington based Center for Budget and Policy Priorities does as well.

15. Home page of the Texas Health Planning Grant. also links to other state planning grant websites and to HRSA.

16. -Website for PRP on uninsured- conference and background papers.

17. The University of Minnesota operates the State Health Access Data Assistance Center which provides a focal point for coordination of state survey activities on the uninsured.

18. To truck down bills that were passed - - both signed and vetoed - -go to the Texas Legislative Reference Library. Bills that you think might want to look up for the PRP include:
HB2807 (kitchen) Demonstration Project for Federal-local medical assistance for adults (vetoed).
SB1156 (Zaffirini) Regulating the State Medicaid program- Omnibus Medical bill (vetoed).
HB835 study feasibility of family buy-in options for CHIP.
SB43 Children’s Medicaid Eligibility Simplification bill was signed.

19. Publication Salud Publica de Mexico
20. Report to the Texas Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition. Cancer Studies




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Last updated 10/22/01